Beula, a youth delegate of the Commonwealth Youth Summit from Kenya visited De’Devine Cafe a few days ago. It was Beula’s attempt to explore Malaysia and learning opportunities available.  She met our Director and the staff at the cafe. She was determined to learn more about MySkills after  getting a feel of our mission and her interest in youth development.
She got excited to learn more about the programmes especially after hearing about the up coming campus at Kalumpang. We fulfilled her desire to visit the campus. The visit enabled  Beula to visualise some possible development plans and ideas. She promised she will engage with five of out students in  January 2018.
It was a great opportunity to share experiences with Beula. We look forward to her commitment to MySkills in 2018 and  hope that her experience with us will be useful  in her work with needy in youth in Kenya. We wish her well in her studies in Statistics.
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