Recent Covid19 outbreak had totally impacted our routine lifestyle especially for poor households (Bottom 40 community- daily wage earners, contract workers, e-hailing drivers and etc), elderly citizens, Orang Asli community, differently-able individuals, stateless and refugee community too.

Many of these families have limited funds in hand plus some are ‘trapped’ in remote areas with lockdown constraints. We sensed that these particular community would suffer the most if there were no assistance provided. While Government is battling with major challenges for Covid-19 outbreak on healthcare and security, we as NGOs decided to gather resources for Food Aid and Medical Assistance for the underprivileged community.

MySkills Foundation and DHRRA Malaysia (Development of Human Resource for Rural Areas) together with 18 more NGOs embarked on this noble initiative since 18th March 2020. The initiative progressed well for the past 2 weeks with strong a line up of volunteers to attend calls for help and delivering the food supplies to respective families after validation.

More than 1800 individuals (still growing) have benefited receiving the aid to survive the critical period of MCO.

Proudly to mention that, HSBC Malaysia had stepped in to contribute (RM 137,000) and Yayasan Hasanah (RM 15,000) to increase the outreach for the needy families. Many generous individuals also collectively donated close to RM 150,000 from Day 1 of this philanthropic journey .

We thank all the Frontliners (Civil Servants working@ Healthcare and National Security, Volunteers, NGOs, and Malaysian Government playing their vital roles with great commitment.

Let’s stay home & stay safe to honor the battle for a better Tomorrow !

The Good Work Continues ……………

Gratitude to All !

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