This year taught everyone a great unique experience with a new teacher named Covid-19. Our norms have changed but the human relations were re-defined to many of us.
For us in MySkills, the campus facilities kept our sanity going ever since March 2020 and we are still moving progressively with our youth for greater purposes. All the initiatives implemented by Abiding the SOPs and limiting visitors to the Campus.
Sense of belonging is a very critical element in our human needs and we are grateful that it is a priority in our transformation journey.
This year, we didn’t go back to celebrate Deepavali at our respective homes but decided to stay back in Campus to celebrate with the bigger MySkills family.
For this we are grateful to all the students, our transformers (staff), parents, volunteers and donors who supported us with the big decision.
We aspire the Festival of Lights bring us hope for a better future to mankind.
Sharing some memorable moments from us in MySkills Foundation.
Gratitude for empowering us to touch these young lives.
Happy Deepavali to All Malaysians !