MySkills Foundation Transformation Approaches


The Fundamentals of MySkills Foundation at- risk Youth Transformation

There are many definitions of youth at-risk but we believe that any child who grows up in this world is at risk in some way. Our children are under more stress  than ever in our fast- paces society. Those from single parent families, dysfunctional family units, and other socio- emotional issues tend to be a greater disadvantage of succeeding in life. However, Our children have been exposed to violence, substance abuse and other negative influences at a very young age,. Thus youth can be at risk despite their ethnicity, gender, age or family background. Parents can raise their children right and be supportive and loving. However, they cannot prevent their teenagers from being caught up in a dangerous lifestyles and making poor choices.


MySkills Foundation Approaches

Build Emotional Intelligence

Under this approach , we focus self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation , empathy and social skills. This is ensure to increase positive behavior towards the society. With this , Students are likely to face lesser social issues , getting into trouble or experiencing emotional problems.


Develop Social Skills 

Students trained with high socialization skills from healthy relationship as adults, are likely to experience peer rejection or run into trouble with juvenile crisis. Social skills impact safety as well as interpersonal interactions and contribute less to aggressive or violent behavior. This is crucial for our students to practice ethical responsibility in overall communal living.


Equip Vocational Skills 

The core-work skills training given , enhances youth employment. It is developed by strengthening the skills through basic education, technical skills needed for specific occupation or to perform specific tasks or duties. The students enabled to apply new knowledge and skills after which they are  fundamentally exposed to key competencies of emotional, social and life management skills.


Life Management skills 

In a constantly changing environment, life management skills are an essential part to meeting challenges everyday life. The ability to work as a team, managing time and people, adaptability to different roles and working environment and to self manage problems in an external environment crucially determine the development stages of our students.