A Social Venture by MySkills Foundation Malaysia

Founded in 2018, Primus Wellness Sdn Bhd is relatively a new social enterprise that offers all kind of health and wellness products. It is a new social venture by MYSKILLS FOUNDATION; a foundation working to help underprivileged at risk youths since 2009. Please visit MySkills webpage at www.myskillsfoundation.com.my for more information about the Foundation.

While Myskills Foundation is trying to improve its fund raising efforts to attract additional philanthropic donations, the foundation is now engaging in enterprises and innovative business activities that are required to be a sustainable foundation. So Primus Wellness was initiated.

Primus Wellness aims to help Myskills Foundation operate in an innovative way so the foundation will be able to survive to continue serve underprivileged children and fulfil its commitments. Although Myskills Foundation is already fulfilling its social mission and objectives but they still need further support to generate revenue via these social ventures.


Primus Wellness Gives Back in Big Ways

As we are all aware of, many are willing to spend money on various health products as they become more health conscious. You may not realise that every dollar you spend supports a certain type of business. If you are not mindful with your money, you may end up giving to a company that does not invest its profits for any social cause.

You represent the cornerstone of social enterprise in the modern age, as it is your purchases that determine which companies are able to thrive and fulfil their various social commitments.
Then why not choose PRIMUS WELLNESS?

You get quality herbal based health products and at the same time an opportunity to assist underprivileged children. All proceeds from Primus Wellness go to Myskills Foundation for its reform work with underprivileged children.


Purchase PRIMUS WELLNESS products now to save more underprivileged youths.
Join hands with us today to spread the social change!