MCO period gave us all a fair chance of reflection on the privileges that we have in hand. When we personally reminisced our beginnings a decade ago, MySkills started off with renting two blocks of shop lots in Puchong and was struggling to provide comfortable accommodation, food and relevant facilities for character transformation purposes.

Today, we are residing on 35 acres of land, surrounded by clean flowing river, 4 warehouses that had been redefined, refurbished and resonated its purposes for Training, Administration, Sports, Hostel and future social enterprising initiatives for sustainability needs.

New pages in year 2020 are educating us, the current generation in MySkills campus to live on value added enabling environment in which we express our huge gratitude for. The newly built Student Hostel for 300 student, Cafeteria, Kitchen with Learning Facilities, Surau, Guest Restrooms, Bathroom Complex, Sewerage Treatment Plant and Water Tank are those new elements in our campus to add collective values to our campus living.

The universe is making its own evolution to make our World for a better place to live.

MySkills Campus is also making its own evolution to serve the youth better as a sanctuary for underprivileged youth.

YOU are the BIG reason for this being exist today.

Gratitude to ALL !