Myskills Foundation, Primus Wellness a Social Enterprise owned by the foundation and local Tamil Media Makkal Osai have joint hands to share and disseminate knowledge on entrepreneurship and societal development to benefit Makkal Osai readers.

Myskills Foundation and Primus Wellness signed a Mutual Benefit Agreement (MBA) with Makkal Osai on 4th December 2020, Friday. The signing witnessed a partnership to work hand-in-hand to prepare and publish content on every Sunday (to commence second week of December onwards). The event was graced by Makkal Osai Director, Mr Gopi Krishnan, Mr Sivanesan, the Marketing and Sales Director, and other team mates Mr.SK Kanta, Ms Uma, Mr. BR Rajan and Mr Mohan). Mr Pasupathi the Director of Myskills remarked the signing ceremony as another milestone as the MBA was signed with a prominent local Tamil press Makkal Osai targeting to uplift the needy community socioeconomically and to be more community-relevant.

Mr Gopi, the Director of Makkal Osai added that he believes the MBA is a testament to the solid, long-term relationship between people behind Myskills and Makkal Osai. He and his team believe with this partnership they will be able to offer more knowledge, information, entrepreneurial opportunities and be the first in publishing the most ‘community-relevant’ subject matters.

The readers of Makkal Osai are expected to benefit enormously from this partnership as it would focus more on public interests and socioeconomic in general. The momentous event is marked by strengthened hope and collaboration for greater community achievements.