HSBC and MySkillsFoundation (MSF) celebrated the Achievement Day , after 12 months of the at-risk youth in MySkills completing a sustainable skill set training for gainful employment.

The training program which commenced from April 2019, impacted 100 youths equipped them with vocational training, life management and soft skills in order to transition them to higher paying jobs upon graduation.

The program sponsored by HSBC , comprises a vocational training program for students to prepare them for careers in industries of: electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning, corporate secretarial, organic farming and bakery production.

Mr Lim Eng Seong, DCEO of HSBC Malaysia honored the event to celebrate the success of 100 students together with their parents.

MySkills partnership with HSBC impacted greater value for sustainable transformation journey for the community development goals.

We extend our Gratitude to HSBC and our stakeholders to make this happen.