To Myskills Donors & Supporters ,

After another difficult week in our battle against COVID-19, we continue to gain inspiration in the stories of the creative ways our staff and students use safely during this MCO moments.

The MCO couldn’t keep away our boys from their organic farm. The lockdown has provided a great opportunity for them to harvest organically grown vegetables and fruits; sweet potatoes, kangkung, spinach and papaya. These are used for daily cooking too! The attached pictures speak for themselves.

And the boys under the leadership of our committed staff built a beautiful bamboo hut from recycled plants and bamboo.

During an outbreak of a pandemic like Covid-19, these actions by our boys (which they undertake within Myskills campus area, also while maintaining social distancing); is crucial to maintain their physical health and mental well being.

Let’s use this crisis to rebuild, produce something better and more humane.

With Gratitude,
S. Pasupathi