MySkills was privileged to be visited by representatives from the 3M Company recently. 3M, formerly known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, is an American multinational conglomerate based in Maplewood, Minnesota. MySkills was one of 4 organisations selected by 3M and Pyxera Global to participate in the 3M Impact Programme. This programme aims at public, private and social organisations to leverage strategic partnerships to tackle complex challenges in Malaysia.
A team of pro bono consultants to Myskills i.e.
Noelle Alexander and Nancy Brandt from USA and Karla Chavez from Mexico arrived at Malaysia to work on a strategic plan for MySkills Youth Campus.
They toured our centres at Port Klang and KL,  visiting our social enterprise, De` Divine Café. The visit also included our Youth Campus at Kalumpang for some learning experiences on plans and outcome.
They were highly charged and excited meeting our students as each shared about their real life experiences. Our students collectively enlightened them about their transformation progress, activities held for them at MySkills and the second chance given  them to be successful individuals.
Both the 3M team and the students were introduced to a new language, Spanish.  This gave them some cross cultural understanding
and communication. Our visitors even had a chance to watch our students work on a dance.
It was a great opportunity of learning for ourselves with 3M’s presence here. We welcome them with an open heart and are glad to journey with them in assisting  Youth initiatives in Myskills.
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