Thaipusam, another auspicious event, which took place after Ponggal celebrations last January, got our attention too. We planned a campaign to promote Myskills to the public as publicity id needed quite consistently for awareness. But our students had a different plan for their part.

Spiritually charged , these young boys wanted to pay their vows to their favourite deity, Lord Murugan, in the Batu Caves temple. While planning the arrangements among themselves, the boys listed out quite a number of items.
‘Offerings’ for Lord Murugan came up as the budget and project impact validation were discussed. The initial idea of buying milk, pots and tokens for the offering was estimated to be almost RM 2,000. For a moment we had to ‘re-think’ whether it is really worthwhile to shower the deity with milk or consume the milk for breakfast for the next two weeks. Perhaps, Lord Murugan himself would be happy to see milk consumed for physical growth. This paradigm shift could happen by giving the right awareness.To substitute milk, water was chosen as the offering. It would which not cost much.

Our boys agreed to pursue the revised plan and the journey was blessed with a great realisation. We were quite relieved that community money was not used for non-impact areas and that it made an impact in the process of our students’ transformation.

Dear stakeholders (donors, volunteers and supporters), your money, time and energy always are always great assets for Myskills. We take great responsibility in managing these resources as they create a sustainable future for us.

Happy Thaipusam to all !!!

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