To most middle class Malaysians, a car purchase may not be such a significant; one just goes makes a deposit (or in many cases, it is not required), does the necessary paperwork and soon that’s one more statistics of car ownership. Not for our dear Velan. His car purchased was celebrated and there was so much joy; because Velan is no ordinary Malaysian. He is an exception; in many myriad ways. His path from when he was thirteen and helping his mother, to his arrival and progress at MySkills is a great achievement and a celebration. His desire to own a car came when he was 15 and told his mother that. However, he had no money, no job; his mother questioned him about how he was going to get a car.

“I have been poor, I have been crazy and I have been rejected. But mostly I have been alone,” said the boy who entered MySkills 5-years ago and has grown up to be a transformed ‘man’.
Valan completed his level 3 in Electrical and Electronic studies at MySkills. He has started his “career” at MySkills two years ago and now working as a Transformation executive.

So he decided that he will own one when he is 21. His career path started at 17. And lo and behold, he fulfilled his dream. He turns 22 on 17thOctober 2017. So he is 21 years and 4 months.

”I want a car for my family’s convenience” he shared when asked the reasons, adding “I can bring them for trips. In addition, I can use the car for emergencies and transport students when needed. I do not have to depend on others”.

He is a proud owner of a blue Perodua Beza, a colour he likes very much. He wishes to express his gratitude to for the opportunity and confidence given. “Without them I am no one today.”

And he adds, “my next dream is to own a house by 24”.

The students were wowed by his car ownership and are motivated that one can achieve. What more his house dream. Fantastic Velan! What a role model in the right place. Mesti boleh saudara Velan.
Note : Velan Enrolled as a student at MySkills in 2010, and now working in MySkills as Full Time Staff.