What brings a big smile on your face? Striking a jackpot? When you are out for a movie with your loved one? A pay rise? Promotion? New born baby? It can be anything.

But for MySkills – when our programme was chosen by World Bank to be one of the best practices in saving at risk youths in this country. Our big smile. More reasons to keep going.

Read about us at the World Bank Report link:
Achieving A System of Competitive Cities in Malaysia Main Report
Please refer pages 135, 136 and 139.



“363. Future strategies will need to establish targeted programs. These should be specifically aimed at vulnerable youth, including those in urban areas. Such programs should have clear objectives, based on a coherent structure and should focus on measuring impact on the ground. Currently successful cases include the Malaysia MySkills Foundation, PADU, and the 1AZAM Training Centre in Kuching; these can be used as a case studies, and potentially replicated and scaled-up.”

Thank you so much. ‘Our’ MySkills has been recognized and acknowledged. That’s because of you, too.