60 of young vibrant leaders from Petronas together with the facilitators from Global Institute for Tomorrow (GIFT) visited MySkills campus last Friday (3rd March 2023) for their learning interest on sustainable development of non profit organisations.
It was indeed a great honor for MySkills to be chosen to host the leading talents from top corporate companies like Petronas especially on the sustainability topics.
MySkills’ 12 year growth as an important case study based on its self sustenance model and social entrepreneurship initiatives were great take aways for the participants.
On top of that, they also engaged in ‘world cafe’ discussion mode in which quality conversations took place with MySkills stakeholders (current beneficiaries, alumnis, volunteers and employers).
Together with a sumptuous lunch prepared by the MySkills students, the event was concluded with great note of gratitude from all sides to best appreciate the meaningful learning exercise.
We wish all the participants good luck on their pursuit to develop impact driven strategies for their future community projects.
Gratitude to Petronas Leadership Centre and Global Institute for Tomorrow for co-creating this wonderful project.
See you guys soon in July !