MySkills was privileged to be part of the Kind Malaysia exhibition when it was first introduced in year 2018. The noble intention of this exhibition was to highlight the importance of Kindness and serving as conduit to facilitate meaningful partnerships between corporate sector, civil society organisations and like minded individuals to work together for the betterment of society.
For MySkills, it was something more than meaningful beyond that. During year 2018, one 13 year old young student was enrolled to MySkills residential based holistic transformation program after her brother visiting the Kind Malaysia exhibition and listened to our pocket talk presentation.
This young lady, Svetlana who had her own challenges worsened by peer influence, dropped out at very young age. Her 5 years of transformation journey were full of challenging chapters but today, it’s all inspiring impact milestones. Now as a proud alumni, she is currently managing and leading the operations of De’Divine Cafe (our social enterprise).
This year, MySkills was grateful to be participating once again in Kind Malaysia 2023. Similar to 5 years, we were given a slot for the pocket talk series by the Organisers. We felt Svetlana was the right person to do the justice by sharing on her growth with MySkills and inspire the exhibitors and visitors to spread more kindness for underserved communities.
Yes, Svetlana and MySkills are truly grateful for all the kindness that was shared back in 2018. If not for the concerted effort by the Kind Malaysia organisers, we would not have made such impact in this young lady’s life.
There are many more youths out there, longing for Kindness and Second Chance. Let us keep the faith to spread the kindness and make this world a better place to live.
Gratitude to Kind Malaysia 2023 !