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MySkills OPEN DAY 2019

In conjunction with Merdeka Day celebration, MySkills had the privilege hosting Open Day event with Thendral Magazine Readers Club at campus in Kalumpang with students, parents, volunteers, donors, supporters, and together with local community.

Visitors and students enjoyed wide line up of activities on carnival mode with booths selling food with beverages, snacks, pastries, fun games with 9 A-Side football tournament too. Started from 9am until 6pm , there were constant crowd and energetic atmosphere where everyone having good time with each other. The students had prepared themselves for merdeka parade for opening ceremony and honored the day with respectful tribute for national belonging. Another initiative to relive nostalgic moments of watching movie on open field in the night, made the day a memorable one.

The core idea of OPEN DAY is to spend quality time with students and parents (our beneficiaries) in which the presence of volunteers and donors (stakeholders) add great value to us in MySkills.

MySkills Board of Directors took the privilege touring the campus new face-lift to the donors, supporters and volunteers and shared the development plans with great sense of gratification. We could sense many who supported the cause and joined the OPEN DAY admired the campus evolution taking place and pledged more support for greater commitment.

We take this opportunity to thank all those souls whom were there in campus despite of long weekend traffic but made their time available for community uplifting.

BE a Volunteer/Donor . Be the CHANGE !


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HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad and MySkills Foundation (MSF) today announced their collaboration in a joint venture initiative to empower at-risk youth in Malaysia with the skill sets required for gainful employment. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad and MySkills Foundation today, at the MySkills Transformation Campus in Kalumpang witnessed by YB Tuan Kulasegaran Murugeson, Minister of Human Resources, Malaysia.

The 12-month training programme commenced from April 2019, targets 100 youths to equip them with vocational training, life management and soft skills in order to transition them to higher paying jobs upon graduation from the programme.

The initiative not only supports youth who are in need of sustainable livelihoods but also addresses the country’s challenge in hiring talent with technical and vocational education and training (TVET) related skills. According to the government’s 11th Malaysia Plan, about 60 percent of the 1.5 million new jobs expected to be created in Malaysia between 2016 and 2020 will require TVET skills and there are concerns of a lack of Malaysians trained with the right skill sets to meet the demand.

Funded by HSBC, the training programme which includes vocational training is to enable the 100 students for careers in electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning, corporate secretarial and bakery production. Graduating students will be placed with industry partners – which include small-and-medium enterprises and contractors. Concurrently, MySkills will also train the students in basic employability skills, knowledge and work ethics needed to successfully transition into the workforce.

Stuart Milne, Chief Executive Officer, HSBC Malaysia said at the ceremony, “Since our foundation in 1865, HSBC has helped communities to thrive in the modern world. One of our main Corporate Sustainability pillars is to support the financial capability and employability opportunities of the people in the communities we serve, especially for young people.”

“Through our partnership with MySkills Foundation on this project, we hope to give the youth exposure to a wide range of skills that will bolster their chances of having a bright and successful future. I would like to commend MySkills Foundation for their extraordinary contribution to enabling the next generation of Malaysia to become economically independent. We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with such a reputable community organisation that shares our vision of supporting and enabling the employability of young people and look forward to working with them to execute this project over the coming year”, he added.

“MySkills Foundation aims to increase the exposure on work experience (On-Job-Training) to lower the dropout rate that exists, one of the challenges faced. The exposure we hope, would best build occupational character building that will result in stronger retention. Our partnership with HSBC adds greater value for sustainable transformation in terms of human capital, skills competency and enterprising value-based education” , said Mr S Pasupathi , Director of MySkills Foundation.

“Recent study showed a disconnect between the skills that educational and training institutions are imparting and what the industry is seeking. Malaysia has a well-educated workforce, fairly low unemployment and a government proactive in expanding its pool of skilled workers. We remain fully committed to supporting economic growth, inclusion and skills training in this country.”

Join us to add great value for future generation by volunteering or assisting our self-sustenance via social enterprising


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Commemoration of Gandhi Memorial Park and 150 Trees Planting in Conjunction of Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th Birthday Celebration

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The spirit of Mahatma Gandhi for non-violence, social justice and national freedom to mankind is still being lived and remembered globally. Declaration of two years Global celebration from October 2nd, 2018 until October 2nd, 2020 for His 150th year celebration gave us a golden opportunity to host this prestigious event by creating Gandhi Memorial Park at MySkills Campus together with High Commission of India to Malaysia. Hon. Minister YB Tuan M Kulasegaran officiated the commemoration event as the Guest of Honour.

Myskills Foundation is a sanctuary for at risk students whom require Holistic Transformation approach to be shaped becoming responsible individuals to family, society and nation. It was a great experience shared with all on the context of non-violence, social justice and peace but it also built our nationalism in our very own country.

MySkills Director, Mr S Pasupathi recalled 8 year journey of MySkills with our donors contribution to help us reach the position we are today after challenging times. He also thanked the new partners and government agencies whom are currently supporting MySkills on training grants. Gratitude and giving are two core elements that we preach throughout the years.

Our Guest of Honor, Hon. Minister YB Tuan M Kulasegaran during his third visit to MySkills expressed his fascination over the tremendous growth in the short span of time. NGO Institutions like MySkills should receive more support from the community and Minister pledged his commitment to assist in whichever way to reach the common vision inspired.

Mr Nishit Kumar Ujjwal the Counsellor of Community Affairs & Labor, High Commission of India to Malaysia shared his experience beyond the expectations he had before coming to the campus. He was very touched with the students confidence level after seeing them performing for all who were present. It was indeed a great honor for High Commission of India to Malaysia partnering with MySkills Foundation, he said.

The event went smooth for the both commemoration and tree planting with all the distinguished guests and students of MySkills.

With more blessings, we now have Mahatma Gandhi’s presence to spread humanity to our young generation and we thank each and every one who made the event meaningful and successful.

MySkills Foundation is one step closer to holistically equip the campus with values of humanity and social enterprising.

Help us to create values to the transformation role in campus by pledging for volunteering or donating. Log on to more details.


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Public Awareness Medical Camp by Sai Ananda Nilayam in collaboration with MySkills Foundation

Many of us are heading towards end of holiday mode but for the team in MySkills and Sai Ananda Nilayam, it was a busy Sunday morning. For the very first time in Kalumpang Campus, we had co-organized Free Medical Camp in partnership with Sai Ananda Nilayam.

Sai Ananda Nilayam is a noble spiritual movement envisioned to provide this voluntary medical assistance for almost 15 years. From bi-annual camps, they have grown to organize monthly once in various hot spot area where medical assistance outreach are essential.

MySkills is humbled with their presence to make desirable impact where we also require personal medical attention and exposure on good hygiene practices. Many of our children whom enrol in MySkills are those from dysfunctional environment that lacks basic human values. We face tremendous challenges to re-engineer their character which require us to touch heavily on the basic living skills.

30 of the dedicated volunteers comprising of doctors, dentists, pharmacists, dermatologist , medical assistants and optometrist were early birds at 8am to kickstart the event. More than 150 students and local residents of Kalumpang town received the free medical screening and relevant medication from the medical officers. All of them were dressed up white to best reflect their genuine service for every community.

“Life is a song – sing it.
Life is a game – play it.
Life is a challenge – meet it.
Life is a dream – realize it.
Life is a sacrifice – offer it.
Life is love – enjoy it. “

Do contact us if you want to be a part of MySkills volunteer team to provide your passion and expertise for community uplifting.

Visit our Facebook page or website ( to register as a volunteer. Together let’s make greater Impact !


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1.1.2019 , Welcoming 2019 with a GOAL !

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Myskills notched the New year with the most memorable event in the beginning of the year. Our Youth began 2019 with their very own Football Tournament which held on our football field. These young youth were pumped with energy and excitement for this tournament. A week before the tournament. A week before the tournament was held, our young and exited youth have started their training. They were prepared before entering the field on the day of the tournament.

The reason for this tournament organised was to compensate new year celebration with family for all the student in hostel. By organising such activities, we have observed stronger bonding with the students in which they are engaged productively for the public holiday. It was even merrier , when myskills staff together with the volunteers play together as a team.

Students were divided into 9 groups for 9-a-side tournament. Each game lasted for 14 minutes and all the teams concluded the one day league with memorable prizes and gratified experience. Gratitude to Mr.Ragavan ( Director of Myskills) and Myskills Volunteers ( Mr Ravi & Mr Mahen) who organised the tournament with fun-filled experience and welcome 2019 with A GOAL.



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A journey began, a journey completed; a new journey begins…..

8th December 2018 marked an exciting day in the life of 103 young people gathered at MySkills Youth Transformation Campus, Kalumpang. They were part of a bigger group, from 2010, who had dared to take the first step in a different direction. It was MySkills 6th graduation session. Together with them were their parents/mothers/ care-givers; for most of them at least. The emotion was surely mixed for the handful of students who were there without family being present.
The dignity that MySkills graduates gained as they received their Malaysian Vocational certificates from the Guest of Honour Datuk B. Sahadevan is something that has come from the efforts of many, including the youth themselves. Datuk Sahadevan in his opening address quoted from what Mr Pasupathi had recalled, that of the quote of the Late Tun Sambanthan- “being poor but not timid”. And he likened MySkills’ growth from a “small seed to such a big endevour”.
Datuk Sahadevan reminded the youth to be responsible to take care of their lives as the future of the community he shared, relied heavily on them. Mr. Pasupathi had earlier brought the audience back to a historical point, that of the contribution made by Indians in the days of early Malaya, of the arduous task of cutting the jungle, of planting rubber. “This is your place” reminded the founding Director of MySkills. “MySkills is restoring the dignity the Indians once had” he added. For Dr. Sanmugasiva “ teaching a poor child will lead to God looking for you”. He assured the youth that MySkills will follow up with them in the journey of their life.

What is this transformation, one may wonder. For Peter Rajoo, from Rembau who stepped foot into MySkills in 2016 at Port Klang, it was a change in attitude to so many aspects of life, including food. He learned to eat vegetables only at MySkills; he never communicated respectfully with anyone but through his time in MySkills, he learned that there were some words you never used on anyone. This reminder came everyday at assembly- the MySkills pledge, in Tamil and English.
He learned that there was a certain way of speaking. He learned it by witnessing how his ‘teachers” spoke. He is grateful to all staff and volunteers for showing him the path, even that of bringing his interest in sports to a higher level. Kegundren, 17 shared that he used to speak without thinking but now he knows what respect is. He has also learned about reality, the “outside world”, the good and bad. He now is proud to have secured a job as a wireman in Karak Pahang. Like Peter Rajoo, he is now set to make his contribution to his family.

Mr. Deva was all smiles as he announced the MySkills Foundation Awards beginning with the highest, i.e. Raja Dato’ Rashid Badiozaman Transformation Award. This went to Ganesan Thewasikamany for his exemplary leadership traits besides his multi-technical skills. MySkills being an inclusive training instution, gave recognition to a youth with Special needs, i.e. Logeswary Ganesan. Her partial hearing ability was not used as an excuse but rather in spite of it, she pushed herself and showed her passion in bread and pastry making. After an initial employment at a Café in Sunway University, she is now in a new job in Singapore. She is 2018’s recipient of the Special Jury Award. Three other students were recognised through the MySkills Excellence awards, i.e. Pravindran Vasudevan, Rubba Sri Punaveswaran and Karthigan Jaishangkar. Pravindran had no background to any of the technical skills he now applies every day as an intern. While he may be reserved, he commands a lot of respect given his dedication and loyalty.

If there was one student who gave some degree of stress to Mr. Deva through his former teacher, it is no other than Khitiswaran Yogesvaran. It was his teacher Mr. Nada who got Mr Deva to enroll Khitis in MySkills. His teacher never failed to ask Mr. Deva about him. The “how is Khitis” question was akin to a knife being held at his throat, mused Mr. Deva. Today, Khitis proudly went up the stairs with his head held high together with all his friends.
Being in a class setting with a mixed group of students, most of whom are starved of attention, both at home and in school, a “teacher” certainly has its challenges. There is a time period when the students journey begins in the ‘pre-vocational’. Here they learn some basic literacy and numeracy skills bearing in mind that most have been left very far behind. And some of these challenges continue throughout their transformation in MySkills.

The “transformers” are both staff and volunteers. MySkills honours the dedication of volunteers through its Special Awards. This year’s three recipients are Mr Jayagobi for his 6 years of commitment to the youth through his electrical skills, Ms. Ranjani for contribution to the spiritual development of the female students through a creative engagement of the students with the Bhagavad Gita. And the students and staff look forward to her vegetarian meals brought without fail every Tuesday. Another “star” is Ms Punitha, a retired staff nurse dedicated to the transformation of the students at de Devine Café. She drives daily from Cheras to Brickfields to help in the F&B training and her motherly advise and relationship.

MySkills will always make a difference to the many marginalized youth, irrespective of ethnicity. With its 35 acres campus and facilities, MySkills look forwards to more youth to learn not only a skill but more importantly to begin a journey of transformation of their lives. Its various programmes, i.e. Electrical Wiring, Industrial Automation, Secretarial and Bakery Production provide a means of livelihood, together with other skills related with agriculture. It is the holistic transformation that sets MySkills apart for all who have completed the process. This year’s graduates totaled 103.



Veronica Anne Retnam


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HSBC Malaysia’s “ Deepavali Do Good”

It is a special time at MySkills Kalumpang Lakeside Campus when visitors come a calling. November the 2nd 2018 saw HSBC Malaysia’s team for a “Deepavali Do Good” celebration cum educational programme.

We started with a ‘Kolam’ competition, doing it the MySkills way, that of team work. Our students designed and crafted patiently and carefully, attractive “kolams” with contrasting colours. Try to do one and you know what it takes!

Next, we were privileged to have, on our shores, some aspects of the Junior Achievement More than Money financial literacy programme. This global financial literacy programme which centres around earning, spending, sharing and saving money gave our students some insights into money management.

Who should show up during the programme if not for the CEO of HSBC himself! Mr. Stuart Milne was warmly welcomed by the MySkills Family. Most MySkills events would not be complete without student dance performances, both modern and traditional. So they sprung to action, entertaining one and all.

Being an institution that tries to keep its operation costs low, students do their own cooking. Once more they had the opportunity to not only prepare lunch but also to serve, proving their catering skills.

It was then time for Deepavali goodies. Our guests presented these to our students and HSBC’s donation for MySkills. This was a happy moment for sure.

The programme ended at 1230pm after the presentation of prizes for the “kollam” competition and a group photography session. With that we bid farewell to our guests and we are quite sure they enjoyed themselves as much as we did. And that they appreciate our green home at the foothills of Titiwangsa.


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A Digital Exposure of drones and robots

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Thirty enthusiastic students from Primus College, MySkills, together with their coordinator, Mr. Rama, made their way to Cyberjaya’s MCMC starting from the 20th of March for a three day IT course. It was an opportunity of a life time for these students .This course called “MyMaker” is the effort of Digital Life Malaysia.

The course which was conducted by a team of dedicated and equally enthusiastic staff was a hit with the boys. Being excellent with their hands, they were able to fix drones in groups of four in under 20 minutes. These were small palm sized. They were shown the sample drone as a first step, and then taken through some input about fixing each. Next they were given a dismantled drone to fix.

Krishna Prasad, 16, joined MySkills only a month ago after his Form Three. He was thrilled about the drones. He said his group mates were able to fix the drone using Ellen keys after the explanation by the trainers and after reading the instructions. He realized how effective photography becomes with the use of a drone and also its many uses, like its role in movie making. They tested the drones once these were fixed. He also talked about being able to participate in competitions.

For his friend Shankar Raj 16, his exposure to drones was only through the television. So it was something new for him, and something certainly which would not have come his way if he was still in school. It was a sentiment shared by Krishna too. Another one of the participants, 14 year old Aaron who joined MySkills  a week prior to the course, expressed that he learned a lot. He said that the drone was “like a helicopter with four fans”. He could understand the explanation about the operations of a drone and the mechanics of fixing it.

All three students, including the rest of the group enjoyed immensely what they went through. They were excited too about the robotics programme. Like the drone experience, they were shown a small robot of about a foot in height. Again they were they challenged to put together the dismantled parts. They addressed this in their small groups of four based on a manual they were given. After physically fixing the robot, they then plugged the robot to the laptop and manipulated its movements.

Rama who was there to help with the coordination and language, said he saw talent in another area among the boys apart from what they were exposed to through Primus. Rama also observed that the boys were very fast with putting together the drones and robots, but took a little more time with theory. After some repeated explanation by the very caring team from My Maker, the students grasped the theory and could then put to practice.

Our boys had impressed Mr John Tay who is Head of Department of Digital Lifestyle and society that he has said he will invite whoever is interested in the group for an upcoming competition in April among other college students. The drones, robotics and 3 D printing experience have certainly made a difference. Aaron, who was initially afraid of what was before him in terms of the course when he was selected, says it is a great opportunity for him as well as his friends. They all express their gratitude to Mr  John Tay, Mr Kathir, Mr Azam & Mr Rama for their learning experience and for being very well looked after in the three days , including food. Mr Pathi and Mr Deva were present on the last day to explore the future collaborations with MCMC’S initiatives and then personally for the exposure given.


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An Industrial Visit to Shin-Etsu Polymer (M) Sdn.Bhd.

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On the 7th of February 2018, 40 students and two staff members of MySkills  at Shin-Etsu Polymer (M) Sdn.Bhd on an industrial visit.  This was our industrial visit to the company.  Upon arrival at 10 a.m., our students were greeted and seated in the conference room by Mr Safri, the HR Manager. He then gave a briefing about the company and the products manufactured by the company. He also explained about ‘On Job Training’ (OJT), its importance and exposure on working experience in the operation sector. He also explained in detail about the opportunities and benefits of working with the company.

The students were then split into two groups. One group visited the RC Department (Rubber & Contact) accompanied by Mr.Rama and the second group visited the OA Department (Office & Automation) accompanied by the writer. Our students got to see how the operational process takes place in the company. Interacting with the supervisor who explained about the process, the students asked really good questions.

Finally, at approximately 11.45 a.m., the visit came to an end. We were served lunch and also got to take a group photo before boarding the bus. As part of a follow up effort, the students will write about the operational process. This will help make them remember what they have learned from their visit, increase their knowledge of operational processes and the significance of these processes.

For Nigen, it was his first factory visit, as it was also for all his friends. If not for MySkills, such an exposure would not have been possible, he said. He reflected that the visit was very appropriate as having completed his Level 2 training and passed his exams, it has given him an insight into some of the processes involved.  Niven, one of students, pointed out that the practical exposure was a valuable experience. They were even able to engage in some hands-on learning through some recycled items like car locks and buttons added his friend Niven.

Overall, the visit was exciting and fascinating.  Some of those who visited are looking forward to registering with the company for employment upon completion of their L2 while others may want to do it after their L3 exams shared Nigen. We wish to thank Shin-Etsu Polymer and specifically Mr. Safri for giving us the opportunity of a meaningful visit.



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