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A Digital Exposure of drones and robots

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Thirty enthusiastic students from Primus College, MySkills, together with their coordinator, Mr. Rama, made their way to Cyberjaya’s MCMC starting from the 20th of March for a three day IT course. It was an opportunity of a life time for these students .This course called “MyMaker” is the effort of Digital Life Malaysia.

The course which was conducted by a team of dedicated and equally enthusiastic staff was a hit with the boys. Being excellent with their hands, they were able to fix drones in groups of four in under 20 minutes. These were small palm sized. They were shown the sample drone as a first step, and then taken through some input about fixing each. Next they were given a dismantled drone to fix.

Krishna Prasad, 16, joined MySkills only a month ago after his Form Three. He was thrilled about the drones. He said his group mates were able to fix the drone using Ellen keys after the explanation by the trainers and after reading the instructions. He realized how effective photography becomes with the use of a drone and also its many uses, like its role in movie making. They tested the drones once these were fixed. He also talked about being able to participate in competitions.

For his friend Shankar Raj 16, his exposure to drones was only through the television. So it was something new for him, and something certainly which would not have come his way if he was still in school. It was a sentiment shared by Krishna too. Another one of the participants, 14 year old Aaron who joined MySkills  a week prior to the course, expressed that he learned a lot. He said that the drone was “like a helicopter with four fans”. He could understand the explanation about the operations of a drone and the mechanics of fixing it.

All three students, including the rest of the group enjoyed immensely what they went through. They were excited too about the robotics programme. Like the drone experience, they were shown a small robot of about a foot in height. Again they were they challenged to put together the dismantled parts. They addressed this in their small groups of four based on a manual they were given. After physically fixing the robot, they then plugged the robot to the laptop and manipulated its movements.

Rama who was there to help with the coordination and language, said he saw talent in another area among the boys apart from what they were exposed to through Primus. Rama also observed that the boys were very fast with putting together the drones and robots, but took a little more time with theory. After some repeated explanation by the very caring team from My Maker, the students grasped the theory and could then put to practice.

Our boys had impressed Mr John Tay who is Head of Department of Digital Lifestyle and society that he has said he will invite whoever is interested in the group for an upcoming competition in April among other college students. The drones, robotics and 3 D printing experience have certainly made a difference. Aaron, who was initially afraid of what was before him in terms of the course when he was selected, says it is a great opportunity for him as well as his friends. They all express their gratitude to Mr  John Tay, Mr Kathir, Mr Azam & Mr Rama for their learning experience and for being very well looked after in the three days , including food. Mr Pathi and Mr Deva were present on the last day to explore the future collaborations with MCMC’S initiatives and then personally for the exposure given.


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An Industrial Visit to Shin-Etsu Polymer (M) Sdn.Bhd.

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On the 7th of February 2018, 40 students and two staff members of MySkills  at Shin-Etsu Polymer (M) Sdn.Bhd on an industrial visit.  This was our industrial visit to the company.  Upon arrival at 10 a.m., our students were greeted and seated in the conference room by Mr Safri, the HR Manager. He then gave a briefing about the company and the products manufactured by the company. He also explained about ‘On Job Training’ (OJT), its importance and exposure on working experience in the operation sector. He also explained in detail about the opportunities and benefits of working with the company.

The students were then split into two groups. One group visited the RC Department (Rubber & Contact) accompanied by Mr.Rama and the second group visited the OA Department (Office & Automation) accompanied by the writer. Our students got to see how the operational process takes place in the company. Interacting with the supervisor who explained about the process, the students asked really good questions.

Finally, at approximately 11.45 a.m., the visit came to an end. We were served lunch and also got to take a group photo before boarding the bus. As part of a follow up effort, the students will write about the operational process. This will help make them remember what they have learned from their visit, increase their knowledge of operational processes and the significance of these processes.

For Nigen, it was his first factory visit, as it was also for all his friends. If not for MySkills, such an exposure would not have been possible, he said. He reflected that the visit was very appropriate as having completed his Level 2 training and passed his exams, it has given him an insight into some of the processes involved.  Niven, one of students, pointed out that the practical exposure was a valuable experience. They were even able to engage in some hands-on learning through some recycled items like car locks and buttons added his friend Niven.

Overall, the visit was exciting and fascinating.  Some of those who visited are looking forward to registering with the company for employment upon completion of their L2 while others may want to do it after their L3 exams shared Nigen. We wish to thank Shin-Etsu Polymer and specifically Mr. Safri for giving us the opportunity of a meaningful visit.



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“Yesterday’s event was soulful. A world class show was brought to the doorsteps of a cross section of the down-trodden of society” was how Mr. Pasupathi, the Director of MySkills Foundation reflected about Miracle on Wheels programme extraordinaire hosted by the Foundation at Rawang on 22nd November. It was a mixed audience, some of whom were invited specially. There was a group of twenty residents from the Positive Living Community from nearby Batu Arang. Present also was a mixed group of thirty students from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris in Tanjung Malim. There were bussed down through the kindness of a donor.


While MySkills depends on public funds for the transformation of disadvantaged youth, the Foundation saw it fit to share the rare opportunity of a truly transformative programme particularly with those not in a position otherwise to have such access. As Alex Demong shared, “it was truly a worthwhile experience to be able to witness an incredible programme of such beauty”. Though on practical in Ipoh, he managed to get a group of students to the progarmme and arrived back in Ipoh later in the night. Like Mr. Pasupathi, he was much fulfilled. New friends were made through the Miracle on Wheels outreach, said Alex. The UPSI students did their part by making a financial contribution towards the efforts of MySkills in transforming the life of youth who are in a way, looked down by society.

For those from Batu Arang, it was an eye-opening event, shared Saesha who chaperoned the twenty men, three of whom who were on wheel chairs. They saw for themselves that people who were “disabled’ can do something better. “Each of them felt very positive about their disabilities and felt like new persons as they walked out from the hall. Dr. Pasha’s energy was very positive, very vibrant” shared Saesha. Even this morning, the group continued talking on and on about their experience and kept looking at snippets of the videos they had taken on their phones, observed Saesha. For the twenty men who have “disabilities” from HIV Aids, the Positive Living Community which provides shelter, support and care, a “newness” was born out of Miracle on Wheels. For himself, he felt very strongly the vibrant energy of Dr. Pasha.

Saesha further shared that the ambience of the hall was very warm and welcoming. In addition, he also observed that the non-Indians present enjoyed the show. He was appreciative too of the snacks- vadi, curry puffs, tea and coffee that was provided plentifully for all. After all, it is in giving that we receive. MySkills Foundation has seen to it that this rare opportunity of Miracle on wheels be shared with a sector of society. So, for those in the Klang valley, there are two more opportunities so that seeing, you will believe in the abilities of those who have traveled from far away bringing dance in a very different form. Be there to pass it on…and also to hold hands with MySkills Foundation in way you can.

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Our students watched Aramm movie which is a female empowering movie that showcases the struggle of a female politician in the midst of the male dominant political world and the doubtful citizen of her district. Besides that, the movie throws light on the harsh reality of India, where the poor people suffer from the lack of resources at the time of need. The movie begins with the citizens celebrating the rocket launch when in a village people are dealing with water crisis. This basically covers the first half of the movie.

The second half talks about the persistence of the district collector (Nayanthara) to save the small girl who was stuck in a long-winding well and was successful at doing so. This movie breaks all the stereotypes that have been stuck with female for a long time.

MySkills gave this opportunity to our students in order for them to realise the importance of having the humanity way of handling a situation. It relates their life and the community around them. Some were in tears watching the movie, looking at how a female figures which never gives up and pursue the best for the betterment of the community.

A sharing session held, students shared on how they themselves can help and assist each other when in need. It all start with a small step, where it can begin from them to make the change in each other and the community.




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It was an event on Global Training Partner Program Summit. The event was held at Intercontinental Hotel, from 13th November till 14th November. It was a full two day agenda of learning to successfully unpack the teacher training academies to ‘train the trainer’. The event encompass three different tracks, namely, Teacher Academies, Microsoft Imagine Academy, and Minecraft Education Edition. A round up of 150 people attended this informative programme from various company and organizations. MySkills Foundation gave this wonderful opportunity to me and another colleague of mine, Mr.Ramachandran and Mr.Dipankar to acquire more knowledge on Microsoft.

It was undeniable that they learnt a lot of new stuffs and were updated to the latest software which truly made their journey of learning way easier. Thay learnt on Office 365 which includes OneDrive, which makes the work you do available to you from anywhere, and to others when you collaborate or share.

Following day, which was the last day of the event, they were given to understand on the second track they chose. The Microsoft Imagine Academy eventually helps schools provide students with in-demand technical skills, and empowering the next generation to build the future of their dreams

The highlight of this event was, the recognition given with certificate on Microsoft on Education and with qualified badges that enable us to be a trainer in immediate effect. Along with that, we also successfully earned merit points as to increase our credits as a trainer.

Over and above, this event is a stepping stone for all the trainers to start exploring more on this new software and embrace upcoming updates on IT world, as well as sharing those valuable information to our students. We are looking forward as well to join such programmes more in the future and expose our Tamil school students in IT world very soon.

For more information, please log on to our web, (


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Recently, an opportunity knocked on the doors of MySkills Foundation . It was through MAGIC. MAGIC,  a Government initiative to nurture young entrepreneurs for social causes, chose MySkills Foundation as a partner for Impact Driven Enterprising programmes for social enterprises outreach. Representatives of MAGIC invited their four start-ups i.e. 1L Car Wash, Coffee Zone, Food Bike, and Walter Barber to present their business concept. They also shared their experiences with our students and alumni.

Ten students and two alumni, Kamalesh and Roy who graduated four years ago, participated in the programme. It was a great eye opener for our students and alumni to be enlightened by the successful start-ups to embark upon social enterprising.

There were representatives from TEKUN too who gave detailed information on loans provided to empower business start -ups and pay for lowest interest rate available.
We are very grateful and thankful to MAGIC for creating the opportunities through their start-ups. Thank you to the MAGIC team especially Dato Ruby, Mr Yusuf, all startup partners and TEKUN representatives too. This will lead to another project to be undertaken by MySkills Foundation to create social enterprising pathways for our students soon.

For more details, please log on to our web,
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Special Thanks to Barista Guild Asia Sdn Bhd

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Our special thanks to Barista Guild Asia Sdn Bhd for giving a golden opportunity to one of our students, Dev (left school at 16) to undergo a barista training without any charges!

Also thanks to Ms Joyce, who pushed for Dev to attend this training. I still remember what she said to us in January when we launched our De Divine Cafe:
“I believe in Dev. He should attend barista training and I’m sure if he builds his passion on this; he will go places even international and earn up to RM5,000 as a professional barista”

Joyce is Chinese.
Dev is Indian.
Both are Malaysian.
Nothing wrong.

Joyce is a professional (M40).
Dev is a school dropout (B40).
M40 reaching out to B40.
Nothing wrong.

Joyce, thank you for doing this for Dev. He is so excited and empowered! You certainly inspire us all at Myskills!

Let’s do this together; for our needy youths.


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Emotional and Physical Health through Sports and Games.

Emotional and Physical Health through Sports and Games.

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‘I am happy, active and am able to wake up easily” shares Sharvin, 13, when asked about what benefits he gets from participating in games organized via My Skills. Shattish Kumar 15, aspires to represent Malaysia one day through the training received in playing football here; however, Dhanish, 16 prefers to occupy himself with the computer.

All three students had the opportunity of playing from before school under the watchful eyes of parents; and in school too through school weekly programmes or the weekend, particularly football. Given shortage of fields, lack of accessibility and other factors, children today, particularly those from the bottom 40 may increasingly not have many opportunities especially those from low cost flats.

Recognising the importance of physical activity and added benefits through games and sports, MySkills has included this as an essential component of skills training. The close proximity of the hostel to the Pandaram Sports complex is an added advantage. And the stadium near our Centre is a boost too. With the space available around the hostel, the students have a variety of sports to be involved in both site and outside.

They play basket ball, futsal, volley ball, football and badminton at the sports complex. Within the compound of the hostel, they are able to organize futsal giving an opportunity to many students as each game lasts several minutes. They also play badminton here though with limited rackets and shuttle cocks. They go swimming too; however given the current renovations swimming has to wait. There are also gym facilities in the hostel.

Students are organized into groups and take charge collecting the material required with the help of staff when playing in the hostel. Time for games is usually between 6pm to 7 pm during weekdays and of course when the weather is on their side. On Saturdays and Sundays, they are able to go to the Sports Complex, besides jogging there at about 530am sometimes in the week.

Generally there is much benefit from participating in sports and games, including the arguments and tensions arising sometimes. This certainly helps in conflict management and negates the need to use physical force to settle issues as may be the experience of some when in school/ home. There is always a group of students who act as ‘intermediaries’ and are able to diffuse tensions. They also play under the watch eye of the wardens. Sometimes, the students go to the stadium near our Centre for some games and physically activities as the situation warrants.

Physical exercise, staying active and healthy are important benefits. Team work and team building, planning, strategizing, exercise in patience, taking turns, waiting, determination are as essential. But plain fun, and building lasting friendships cannot be underestimated. These are life skills and also work place ingredients which My Skills has crafted into the life of the students thus preparing them to be gainfully employed. And becoming better persons all round.


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Sugar Intakes

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…how sweet to the taste bud!

Having a little snack shop with accessibility at one’s nose does not help if one wants to stay away from sweet temptations. So boys just run and pick up sweets, “pop powder” to blow away with a straw giving a cigarette type effect, or a little 50 sen sized “tub” of chocolate paste, some for as little for 30 sen. And crowd behavior can be a challenge; “my friends are buying, hmm, why not I. It’s only 30 sen”.  But an analysis of content and cost to an inquisitive, analytical mind will tell another story, including future medical cost.

Imposing a ban will not help; an education plan maybe a better choice. With that in mind, we embarked on a simple visual aids programme of downloading short videos that link sugar and impact on nutrition. A few three to five minutes videos were downloaded. These included the Sugary Truth, Sugar is Killing Us. v=Yda8RtOcVFU (Sugar is Killing Us) v=EFlnlGx0B5U(The Sugary Truth)

These videos were viewed for daily viewing during assembly with a brief discussion. The link between dopamine and sugar addiction (signals in the brain) being similar to alcohol and drugs was an eye opener.  In addition, there is a correlation between level of sugar intake and resistance to illness and immune levels, besides other health impacts like the onset of diabetes. Though the videos were not Malaysian in origin, there is sufficient content to reflect upon.

This programme is about a month in place now. Habits take time to change. Random checks, continued support as well as alternative healthy snacks and drinks will help. The next phase will be to offer drinks like lime, barley, and healthy snacks like chick pea through a cooperative small business unit. And a money management programme in addition to the potential involvement of a local medical university team on a health and nutrition collaboration with My Skills.


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Visit to Janda Baik Cow Farm

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A visit to Gokulam Hare Krishna Farm in Janda Baik, Pahang was held on Saturday, 28th January 2017. MySkills students participated in the visit accompanied by Ms.Loges and Ms.Rajini (Bhagavad Gita Volunteer).  The purpose of this visit was to engage students with the knowledge of Lord Krishna’s birth in Gokulam Hare Krishna farm. Students were observed the nature and surrounding of the Gokulam farm. They were also singing and dancing along to Hare Rama Hare Krishna song together with Ms.Rajini and her family. It was indeed a learning and eye opening visit for them.


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