Name:                         Surinkumar Surase

Age:                             23

Course:                        Mechatronic

Surin left school at the age of 15 before completing SPM. He was introduced to MySkills Foundation by his friend’s sister.  He started working with The Star Newspaper as a printing assistant at the age of 17 for almost 2 years on a part time basis. He managed to complete his SKM Level 3 in Mechatronic and successfully graduated in 2012. After graduation, he joined Toyota Malaysia as service technician with a salary of RM1,300.  He worked there for almost 2 ½ years and later moved to Honda Malaysia with a salary of RM2,000. He is a service technician there. He has been working hard doing overtime, taking a decent salary of almost RM3,000 every month. He owns a Honda Civic and a motorbike now. He also supports his family financially. His dream now is to secure a job in Honda Singapore and improve his living standard. __________________________________________________________

Surin joined MySkills:  2011

Graduated from MySkills:  2012

His current job:  Automotive Service Technician

Earning a decent income of RM2,000

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