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Bangsar Tamil school Alumni’s Deepavali Evening at Myskills Lakeside Campus

A group of ‘students’, 28 in all, made their way in a chartered bus to MySkills Lakeside  Campus at about 430pm on 27th October 2018 for a Deevapavali evening with our students. Our ‘student-visitors’ were special; they were all former students of the Bangsar Tamil School from the 1960s.

Former student, Ms. Ruku, was anxious to the see the campus after having heard about it and how some students were building their future through MySkills. So after a short welcome speech by Mr Pasupathi they heard about some realities of the students. Ruku and her friends were quite sad.

But this feeling of sympathy moved quickly to one of empathy as the group interacted with the students and witnessed their talents and many positive attitudes. Their helpful nature, their ability to follow instructions and improvise came to light through the Krishna song that Ruku and friends wanted. The instruction was to get a student to dress up like Krishna. “The students did this delegation very well with just minimal correction” said Ruku.

Our students had our senior visitors captivated by their kolatham, something many had not watched in recent years, especially live. And the group was once more pleasantly surprised by the food that was cooked and served by the students. So it wasn’t only the well behaved nature of the students that came across but many positives as well. The conversation of the group on their way home revealed Ruku, was about their next visit, about the idea of bringing their relatives, particularly the younger generation. “We want to look around more too as the rain prevented us from moving around” concluded Ruku as she recollected about the special experience with the students.

MySkills appreciates the very practical goody bag that our Deepavali visitors had for each of our students, some toiletries, including towels. We certainly look forward to the “students” and their families/friends for another visit and possible long term commitment as it allows them. It certainly will be a learning experience for all.

Contributed by Veronica Anne Retnam based on an interview


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Miracles on Wheels 2018

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Myskills Foundation proudly brings you Miracle on Wheels 2018 !

For More Information / Invitation Card Please Contact :

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-30 at 5.15.02 PM (1) WhatsApp Image 2018-07-30 at 5.15.02 PM WhatsApp Image 2018-07-30 at 5.15.12 PM WhatsApp Image 2018-07-30 at 5.15.18 PM WhatsApp Image 2018-07-30 at 5.15.22 PM WhatsApp Image 2018-07-30 at 5.15.32 PM WhatsApp Image 2018-07-30 at 5.15.50 PM WhatsApp Image 2018-07-30 at 5.15.51 PM


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A student a tree

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Standing tall in the wind, with branches swinging, are 20 plus 60 trees at our Kalumpang campus. If the land could speak, it will be shouting and jumping with happiness for it will now slowly begin to get cover from the scorching heat, store underground water, see flora and fauna flourish in time. This “ultimate conversion” of the land was made possible through the rain-forest seedlings- planting endeavour by MySkills in collaboration with Penawar Hutan, an initiative by Mr James Gingham.

About a month ago, 68 trees were planted by a group of forty students, some staff as well as directors of MySkills. Prior to that, about twenty seedlings were planted in November/December, as a test case to see the suitability of these seedlings to soil and water conditions. Since these survived, we could confidently embark on our rain-forest- creation scheme. My. Pathi planted the first tree, followed by Mr. Ragavan, our directors. The rest of the team, including staff and students joined in this highly productive activity.

Jagadeswaran, 16, a student, shared that he has never planted a tree before; so toomany of his friends. Anand explained that the forty students at Kalumpang helped the two interns, L.Pavitheran and Mathevan, dig the sixty holes over a period of two weeks. Though the digging was difficult, nevertheless, they enjoyed and appreciated the reason for his physically challenging activity. They were divided into teams of five for his task.

Naresh, a staff at Kalumpang, explained that the philosophy behind this project was multi-pronged. Among these was to help the eco-system regenerate because of deforestation. Another was to give ownership to each student in particular the responsibility to see to the growth of the seedlings. When these students return some time in the future, they will be able to identify themselves with the tree they planted on 21ST April 2018. This idea was the brain-child of Mr. Pathi. Naresh also added that this “one student one tree” concept will be part of the process of changing the mind-set of the students. They will be able to proudly say “this is my tree”.

Come and plant a tree and say “this is my tree”. We will provide this opportunity soon. Stay in touch with us!


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Of leadership, respect and managing emotions

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Students from MySkills were exposed to some life skills through Mr. Parthiban from Salem South India, in addition to what they have been learning about such skills. Spending a week from 26th February 2018 to 8th March 2018, Mr Pathiban shared about what it takes to be a good leader, making decisions, being responsible, helping the poor and even how to save.

Reflecting about the sessions that they were taken through, different students expressed similar sentiments, of following what he shared. Durga said she liked the idea of being in silence and being at peace when making a decision. She said she has been practicing it the last two weeks. For Sofea, the practice of showing respect to others stands out. She hopes to speak with some of her friends about it. Lavanya who agrees about being respectful, adds that she saw the impotence of being responsible, a point also raised in the sessions. Kanagie picks up on the point of self talk because “I am my friend”. Yashine adds about the need to help others and that one must not be selfish. Shavina reflects on the point about leadership and its importance in life. She wants to follow that and be a good leader.

In a separate session for the students at Port Klang, Pathiban ,also shared and interacted with them. Seelan leant, among other things, the importance of thinking before acting while Nithayandan picks up on helping the poor. For Patmen, the reflection on the importance of family was another important aspect. Duvien, Dashwin and Yuvan see that respecting one another is important, so too, sharing and caring for others. Praveen and Nigen, share similar thoughts about what they learnt and add about the importance of sharing with others what they have learnt as well as to respect adults.

All students say they will try and continue to practice what they have learned in order to be better persons. They are grateful to Mr. Pathiban for taking the time with them.

Footnote: Mr Pathiban who lives in Salem, South India has banking experience and in that time, he has made efforts to help petty traders be freed from exploitative money lenders. He is associated with an International organization called Initiatives of Change. His interaction and sharing with MySkills students was based on his experiences.

Please Watch:


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A Digital Exposure of drones and robots

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Thirty enthusiastic students from Primus College, MySkills, together with their coordinator, Mr. Rama, made their way to Cyberjaya’s MCMC starting from the 20th of March for a three day IT course. It was an opportunity of a life time for these students .This course called “MyMaker” is the effort of Digital Life Malaysia.

The course which was conducted by a team of dedicated and equally enthusiastic staff was a hit with the boys. Being excellent with their hands, they were able to fix drones in groups of four in under 20 minutes. These were small palm sized. They were shown the sample drone as a first step, and then taken through some input about fixing each. Next they were given a dismantled drone to fix.

Krishna Prasad, 16, joined MySkills only a month ago after his Form Three. He was thrilled about the drones. He said his group mates were able to fix the drone using Ellen keys after the explanation by the trainers and after reading the instructions. He realized how effective photography becomes with the use of a drone and also its many uses, like its role in movie making. They tested the drones once these were fixed. He also talked about being able to participate in competitions.

For his friend Shankar Raj 16, his exposure to drones was only through the television. So it was something new for him, and something certainly which would not have come his way if he was still in school. It was a sentiment shared by Krishna too. Another one of the participants, 14 year old Aaron who joined MySkills  a week prior to the course, expressed that he learned a lot. He said that the drone was “like a helicopter with four fans”. He could understand the explanation about the operations of a drone and the mechanics of fixing it.

All three students, including the rest of the group enjoyed immensely what they went through. They were excited too about the robotics programme. Like the drone experience, they were shown a small robot of about a foot in height. Again they were they challenged to put together the dismantled parts. They addressed this in their small groups of four based on a manual they were given. After physically fixing the robot, they then plugged the robot to the laptop and manipulated its movements.

Rama who was there to help with the coordination and language, said he saw talent in another area among the boys apart from what they were exposed to through Primus. Rama also observed that the boys were very fast with putting together the drones and robots, but took a little more time with theory. After some repeated explanation by the very caring team from My Maker, the students grasped the theory and could then put to practice.

Our boys had impressed Mr John Tay who is Head of Department of Digital Lifestyle and society that he has said he will invite whoever is interested in the group for an upcoming competition in April among other college students. The drones, robotics and 3 D printing experience have certainly made a difference. Aaron, who was initially afraid of what was before him in terms of the course when he was selected, says it is a great opportunity for him as well as his friends. They all express their gratitude to Mr  John Tay, Mr Kathir, Mr Azam & Mr Rama for their learning experience and for being very well looked after in the three days , including food. Mr Pathi and Mr Deva were present on the last day to explore the future collaborations with MCMC’S initiatives and then personally for the exposure given.


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RAMAYANA 2_61af87e73b53bff5e7c44699175483a2


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After a successful 12 days tour in Malaysia during November 2017 the MIRACLE ON WHEELS(Differently Abled dancers from India) is making a return for a second tour to Malaysia,sometime in August 2018.

Similar to first tour Myskills Foundation plans to organise for second tour to raise fund to to build its Youth Transformation and skills Campus at Kalumpang, Hulu Selangor.

For each venue we plan to have two shows consecutively running for two days. . First day of show we will showcase variety of performances ranging from Bollywood on wheels,  Durga on Wheels,  Barathanatyam on Wheels and many more.

The Second day would be a dedicated special performance comprising 30 minutes of Ramayana on wheels and 30 minutes of Bhagavat Gita on wheels.

Both these shows are specially choreographed for the Malaysian audience and its one of a kind.

Look out in August for the return of Miracle on Wheels with their  “Unstoppable” Theme.

Dont Miss It.

For further information


Mr Pathi 0122245514

Mr Deva 0123465212

Ms Siva. 0102732981



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Community Work by Our Students

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MySkills has been committed to community work as part of a social contribution as well as a transformative programme. As part of this on-going programme, groups of students from the Port Klang Centre have been making their way to institutions around the vicinity of Port Klang to lend a hand. These include institutions which provide shelter and care to the elderly, specially- abled children and orphanages.

On the 4th of February, 30 students carried out some needed electrical repair work, thus using their technical skills to a good cause at the Sai Annai Ilam at Sentosa, Klang. They also carried engaged with the children in games. Sharing another skill that they have learned and which they happily shared with the children was through painting and colouring.

Almost a week later, on the 10th, 45 students went to the Centre for children with special needs, i.e. Persatuan Penjagaan Kanak-kanak Cacat at Pandaram, near Bomba. Besides cheerly and efficiently cleaninf the drains and compound, the students engaged with the children in games. They also communicated with both children and adults in ways they could.

Another group of 41 students were with the elderly at Persatuan Warga Emas in Sentosa, Klang on the same day, i.e. 10th February. Listening to the sad stories of the ‘aunties’, was very touching for the students. It made them emphatise the elderly.

On 17th February, 30 students were back in Sai Annai Illam again. This time, they fixed a fan, did some general washing, cleaning up a small room. And then it was time for a round of football which both groups thoroughly enjoyed.

Engaging with children and the elderly and contributing actively leaves an impact on the students and the residents alike. For the students, they learn to be sensitive to others while fro the residents, they are happy to receive visitors who engage with them. For MySkills, this engagement has been consistent for a number of years.


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Transforming Oneself through the PEACE Programme

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MySkills has been engaging with an NGO bringing a programme called P.E.A.C.E. as part of an additional means of transformation, particularly through the management of emotions.  The Performance Empowerment Attributes Programme towards Collective Excellence is a “transformative programme towards self-mastery, to change and re-engineer oneself towards successful life endeavours”. The programme is spread over 1 year beginning with a weekend and with follow up sessions monthly for one cycle. For the current cycle, the PEACE camp was conducted on the 4th and 5th of February. A total of 64 students, from the Port Klang Centre accompanied by a staff Ms. Karisma immersed themselves in the programme.

The students, ranging from 13 years to 15 years, focused on the emotions they faced through a series of games requiring team work, reflective questions and drama. Jiven Raj, 17, shared that one aspect that he found usual was the session of anger management. Arvin, also 17 said he enjoyed the interaction with friends, learning to face and solve problems individually instead of always running to someone else. He explained that “small” problems like someone using foul language could be resolved by choosing to ignore and not react by fighting. He said that one could also report such occurrences to a staff member.

Truancy was a very common habit among many of his friends before setting foot in MySkills, said Kamaraj, 16. The PEACE programme makes participants reflect on such tendencies. He explained about the drama session that the students were asked to prepare. His group chose a futsal session to depict some problems usually encountered and how they resolved the issues without resorting to fighting.

For the 64 students who have started their journey in MySkills and are committed to transformimg themselves, the PEACE programme gives a hand as do the many staff members, volunteers, directors, donors and all supporters.

Discover what this programme is like and its impact through the link:


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vangge polam (1)

*Vaanga Palagalam 3 (FREE Skills Training & Character Transformation by MySkills Foundation)*

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A majority of the current 13 – 19 year old teens face the risk of developing delinquent behaviour and are exposed to juvenile crime given their poor socio-economic environment. In addition they also have learning disabilities. These teens form the ‘at risk youth’ population which is detrimental to the individual as well as for nation building.

For the past 7 years, Myskills Foundation has been working closely with these high risk youth and is dedicated to guide their character transformation. MySkills engages with these youth who relocate from their current environment and cultivate a new value system throughout the journey of individual character transformation for a minimum of 2 years to a maximum of 4 years.

4 major pillars which cover holistic skills training emphasise emotional, social, life management and vocational skills contributing to balanced human development. Besides holistic skills training , MySkills also provides food, accommodation, and transportation FREE OF CHARGE for these underprivileged children **(PROGRAM WHOLLY SPONSORED BY SEDIC)*.

Being a parent, family member, relative, friend , community member, educator, or concerned individual , YOU could be the Change for the Future of these youth by identifying and helping them to be transformed.

Drop by to visit us 18th March at Vivegananda Ashram for an Open Day briefing to get more information on how to enrol the ‘at risk youth’ in Myskills.

Date : 18th March 2018
Time : 10am – 5pm
Venue : Vivekananda Ashram,

For further details, please reach us at 03-26916363 / 012-3465212 (Mr Deva) / ‭017-4866847‬ (Ms Sugunia)/ ‭010-2732981‬ (Ms Sivapreeyah).


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