Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia together with Global Expedition Club(GEC) gave an exclusive opportunity to 10 students from Myskills Foundation to hike Mount Kinabalu. The expedition started from 12th to 15th September 2019 with the group of GEC members together with 10 of our students.

Timpohon Gate (altitude of 1,866m) where all of us began the journey up the tallest point in Malaysia. The hike was truly a challenging one for our students, but with adrenaline rush and motivation from the GEC members it was a great push for them. Adding the challenge towards half way of the journey, bad weather with strong wind kicked in. We had to make tough call to patiently wait and later received news that it was not safe as the weather was getting really bad. Despite of the frustration of not completing the journey, we made a gratitude note for having a chance to
‘Feel’ the tallest mountain of our nation.

Azrul, one of our students who took part in the expedition shared he was very grateful that his dream of flying to Sabah and hiking Mount Kinabalu came like a wild dream. It was a lifetime experience for him. Getting on an aeroplane itself was first time for him too. Azrul also said that he will pray to come back to Mount Kinabalu someday and climb to the summit to complete this somehow.

Our Myskills students were very appreciative for the amazing opportunity given by Global Expedition Club together especially by YB Kulasegaran, Minister of Human Resources for the project “ Realising Dreams to Mount Kinabalu “

What gratified us is the impact that all the 10 boys gained from the last 2 months of intensive training and the maturity of handling contingencies. The universe had a great reason not to end the journey by reaching the summit once but driving us to come again with greater strength.

Selamat Hari Malaysia to All !

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