In 2022, Bursa Malaysia, through its charitable arm, Yayasan Bursa Malaysia, began sponsoring a group of 20 students for their transformation progress with a focus on farming, culinary and bakery courses over the course of 12 months. On the 30th January, as part of their volunteering activities in support of the transformation programme, Bursa VIBE volunteers organised a trip to our campus to spend an entire day with our students and employees during the ‘Hari Bersama Bursa Malaysia’

Beginning with a presentation by MySkills CEO, Mr. Devasharma – the volunteers were given an introduction to the MySkills mission and vision before embarking on a tour of the campus and its facilities. The volunteers experienced a host of activities, including baking of orange butter cakes and participating in batik canting, both of which are part of our social enterprise arm.

Bursa Malaysia also conducted a ‘Sens-Ability’ Financial Literacy Talk by Ms. AA Deepa, SVP of Education. The purpose of the talk was to create awareness on basic savings, investment, and scams with the students. Positive responses received from our students as well as the visiting students of Sek. Men. Keb. Kalumpang who happened to be present for the Sens-Ability sessions.  

Our students also prepared several performances for Bursa VIBE volunteers, including a welcoming traditional lion dance, tarian zapin and contemporary dance performances of k-pop and Tamil music.

We were humbled by the closing remarks by Ms. Putri Tunku Anor, VP of Community Investment, where she praised the work and progress of the programme that Bursa Malaysia is supporting from her time spent at the campus and encouraged our students to learn and gain as much as they can from their time with MySkills and have more successful stories to share.

In our transformation journey, this is always a great beginning, and we thank Bursa Malaysia for being a great supporter to the causes upheld by MySkills.