A hostel is a place where students should feel like home and be comfortable.

MySkills Foundation’s Campus has a spacious hostel for girls. Girls always feel happy and comfortable in their new hostel.

The hostel can accommodate about 100 students. Currently, we have prepared accomodations with new beds, mattresses and wardrobe cabinets for 50 students.

Besides, we have a huge hall where it can accommodate 100 students. Girls usually attend virtual classes, Zumba, and manicure and pedicure classes in the hall. There are 4 dormitories, 16 washrooms, laundry, pantry and also washing machine area for cloth washing.

During a student’sfree time, girls use the pantry for discussion and sharing session. Some of the classes will be conducted at pantry.

Atomic habits like cleaning, bed making ,and dusting are their regular duties. the students must make sure their places are always clean and neat.