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J.P. Morgan and MySkills Foundation in partnership to prepare disadvantaged youth in Malaysia for careers in high-demand sectors

Kuala Lumpur, September 21, 2018 – Global banking and financial services provider J.P. Morgan and youth vocational training organization MySkills Foundation (MSF) today launched a demand-led workforce readiness initiative to empower at-risk youth in Malaysia to complete their education and obtain relevant skill sets for gainful employment.

J.P. Morgan is supporting MSF over 24 months to train 300 underserved youth between the ages of 14 and 18 to equip them with electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning, life management and soft skills that will allow them to transition into higher paying jobs upon graduation. MSF typically recruits young people who have dropped out of the mainstream education system, and who need holistic support to transform their career trajectories. With curriculum enhancements and greater emphasis on providing industry linkages and on-the-job training, MSF expects to see significant reductions in drop-out rates among its students and higher-paying jobs for its graduates.


The initiative not only supports youth who are in need of sustainable livelihoods, but also addresses the country’s challenges in hiring talent with technical and vocational education and training (TVET)-related skills. According to the government’s 11th Malaysia Plan, about 60 percent of the 1.5 million new jobs expected to be created in Malaysia between 2016 and 2020 will require TVET skills and there are concerns of a lack of talent with the right skill sets to meet demand.

“MySkills Foundation aims to increase our students’ exposure to work experience to help them better connect their schooling with their career prospects and as a result lower their dropout rates, which remains a key challenge. By providing pre-vocational training for students as young as 14, we hope to build up their confidence and nurture learning attitudes that result in stronger retention in our programs. Together with support from J.P. Morgan, we are confident this initiative will bring greater impact in terms of sustainable and successful careers for our graduates,” said Mr. Devasharma Gangadaran, Chief Executive Officer of MySkills Foundation.


The program, which commenced in July 2018, addresses the need for more industry involvement in vocational training as identified in J.P. Morgan’s ASEAN-5 New Skills at Work study. The research report was commissioned under J.P. Morgan’s five-year USD 250 million New Skills at Work commitment, which, since 2013, has helped to train over 300,000 beneficiaries in Asia Pacific alone, allowing underprivileged individuals, especially youth, access quality demand-driven jobs in high-growth sectors.

“We are committed to helping young people develop the skills they need to secure better-paying jobs in fast-growing sectors, especially as the country aims to attain high income status by 2020,” said Mr. Steve Clayton, Senior Country Officer for Malaysia at J.P. Morgan. “At J.P. Morgan, we believe that addressing the need for widely shared prosperity is essential and recognize that a quality job can go a long way in transforming lives and strengthening economies.”



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*Miracle on Wheels @ Kinta Indian Association Hall , 3rd Show by Myskills Foundation*

The show raised great support and below are the voices that encourage us for the upcoming shows :

Our director Mr Pasupathi with his opening note mentioned that,
One can be born poor but cannot continue being poor and die poor. Poverty is cruel. Therefore, the show by differently abled today is the best example that we have to learn from.

Our sponsor, Y. Bhg Datuk Arumugam Suppiah :
The programme is a great way to build self-confidence and the exposure was very inspiring for everyone who attended.

Miracle on Wheels director, Dr Pasha conducted the show with lots of encouragement . Ms Mahiraa the co-director of Miracle on Wheels also stated that “Because of everyone’s support we are here again”. The audience had given good comments about the show like, “The show was very touching; I watched without lifting my eyes”.

Pavithiran Sivaraman added that the show was above his expectations; the performers had performed very difficult maneuvers. On the other hand, Amutha Rasiah said that she has “never experienced anything like this; this is the best, I am very happy and feel like watching more, I felt goosebumps as I felt the spirit of God through Durga”.

Not forgetting our child audience, Dharany & Sukesh Sasitheran who said they felt very happy to be part of the show.

*We are heading to North for Sg Petani on 17th August & Penang on 19th August this week and spread this to people around you for a great cause ! *



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Our Fund Raising event 2018

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Most Awaited fund raising event by MySkills Foundation


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“Yesterday’s event was soulful. A world class show was brought to the doorsteps of a cross section of the down-trodden of society” was how Mr. Pasupathi, the Director of MySkills Foundation reflected about Miracle on Wheels programme extraordinaire hosted by the Foundation at Rawang on 22nd November. It was a mixed audience, some of whom were invited specially. There was a group of twenty residents from the Positive Living Community from nearby Batu Arang. Present also was a mixed group of thirty students from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris in Tanjung Malim. There were bussed down through the kindness of a donor.


While MySkills depends on public funds for the transformation of disadvantaged youth, the Foundation saw it fit to share the rare opportunity of a truly transformative programme particularly with those not in a position otherwise to have such access. As Alex Demong shared, “it was truly a worthwhile experience to be able to witness an incredible programme of such beauty”. Though on practical in Ipoh, he managed to get a group of students to the progarmme and arrived back in Ipoh later in the night. Like Mr. Pasupathi, he was much fulfilled. New friends were made through the Miracle on Wheels outreach, said Alex. The UPSI students did their part by making a financial contribution towards the efforts of MySkills in transforming the life of youth who are in a way, looked down by society.

For those from Batu Arang, it was an eye-opening event, shared Saesha who chaperoned the twenty men, three of whom who were on wheel chairs. They saw for themselves that people who were “disabled’ can do something better. “Each of them felt very positive about their disabilities and felt like new persons as they walked out from the hall. Dr. Pasha’s energy was very positive, very vibrant” shared Saesha. Even this morning, the group continued talking on and on about their experience and kept looking at snippets of the videos they had taken on their phones, observed Saesha. For the twenty men who have “disabilities” from HIV Aids, the Positive Living Community which provides shelter, support and care, a “newness” was born out of Miracle on Wheels. For himself, he felt very strongly the vibrant energy of Dr. Pasha.

Saesha further shared that the ambience of the hall was very warm and welcoming. In addition, he also observed that the non-Indians present enjoyed the show. He was appreciative too of the snacks- vadi, curry puffs, tea and coffee that was provided plentifully for all. After all, it is in giving that we receive. MySkills Foundation has seen to it that this rare opportunity of Miracle on wheels be shared with a sector of society. So, for those in the Klang valley, there are two more opportunities so that seeing, you will believe in the abilities of those who have traveled from far away bringing dance in a very different form. Be there to pass it on…and also to hold hands with MySkills Foundation in way you can.

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It was an event on Global Training Partner Program Summit. The event was held at Intercontinental Hotel, from 13th November till 14th November. It was a full two day agenda of learning to successfully unpack the teacher training academies to ‘train the trainer’. The event encompass three different tracks, namely, Teacher Academies, Microsoft Imagine Academy, and Minecraft Education Edition. A round up of 150 people attended this informative programme from various company and organizations. MySkills Foundation gave this wonderful opportunity to me and another colleague of mine, Mr.Ramachandran and Mr.Dipankar to acquire more knowledge on Microsoft.

It was undeniable that they learnt a lot of new stuffs and were updated to the latest software which truly made their journey of learning way easier. Thay learnt on Office 365 which includes OneDrive, which makes the work you do available to you from anywhere, and to others when you collaborate or share.

Following day, which was the last day of the event, they were given to understand on the second track they chose. The Microsoft Imagine Academy eventually helps schools provide students with in-demand technical skills, and empowering the next generation to build the future of their dreams

The highlight of this event was, the recognition given with certificate on Microsoft on Education and with qualified badges that enable us to be a trainer in immediate effect. Along with that, we also successfully earned merit points as to increase our credits as a trainer.

Over and above, this event is a stepping stone for all the trainers to start exploring more on this new software and embrace upcoming updates on IT world, as well as sharing those valuable information to our students. We are looking forward as well to join such programmes more in the future and expose our Tamil school students in IT world very soon.

For more information, please log on to our web, (


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On 5th June 2017, MyIndChess inked another strong partnership with MySkills Foundation to develop and produce chess players and trainers among the undergraduates. In a simple ceremony, MyIndChess President handed over 20 Tournament-standard chess sets to MySkills Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. G. Devasharma and Senior Manager, Miss Justina Camelia at its HQ in Jalan Yap Ah Shak, Kuala Lumpur.

Before witnessing the ceremony, MySkills Foundation’s Founder and Director, Mr. S. Pasupathi appreciated the support and encouragement provided by MyIndChess for the development of chess programs among the Indian community. He also thanked MyIndChess for selecting MySkills Foundation as one of the partners in developing chess players and trainers among the undergraduates of higher education institutions.

Mr. Muthamil Chelvan in his short speech addressed MySkills Foundation’s undergraduates and encouraged the students to participate in chess programs organized by MyIndChess. He stressed that MyIndChess is aiming to produce more trainers and volunteers to train the students in Tamil schools.

MyIndChess is willing to mentor and train the undergraduates to be qualified trainers and arbiters. As a qualified coach, the students can earn a small income to sustain their education expenses while still pursuing their studies.

Mr. S. Pasupathi also thanked the Patron of MyIndChess, Miss V.Kalaiyarasi for sponsoring 20 Chess Sets to MySkills Foundation.


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Name:                         Kumutha Genesan

Age:                             23

Course:                        Legal Secretary

Kumutha Genesan has four siblings. She hails from Ayer Tawar, Perak. She came to MySkills in 2012 and graduated in 2013 and 2016 after completing Level 2 and Level 3 subsequently.

She was a different personality when she first set foot in MySkills. From being a very shy person, being silent most of the time, she has learned to communicate with people of all walks of life. She is able to converse confidently in both English and Bahasa Malaysia. She participates in many of our programmes in MySkills such as the Saturday Night Fever , PEACE programme, Industrial visit and etc.

After graduation, she joined one of the top law firm in Malaysia, Raja Darryl & Loh with a salary of RM1,500 as a general clerk. Initially at her work place, she used to be given drafts but after three months, she has been able to prepare the drafts by herself.  She has never imagined working in one of the top law firms like Raja, Darryl & Loh.

She owns a Scooter now and wants to own a dream car, Honda City soon.  She also aspires to continue her studies in Banking.  Her advice to students in MySkills, don’t lose your opportunity in MySkills.  It`s God given way to improve yourself.  It involves hard work and learning.


Kumutha joined MySkills:  2012

Graduated from MySkills:  Level 2 (2013) and Level 3 (2016)

Her current job:  General Clerk

Earning a decent income of RM1,500

Join us to reach out more youth and make a right change to them. log on to to make a difference.


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Name:                         Surinkumar Surase

Age:                             23

Course:                        Mechatronic

Surin left school at the age of 15 before completing SPM. He was introduced to MySkills Foundation by his friend’s sister.  He started working with The Star Newspaper as a printing assistant at the age of 17 for almost 2 years on a part time basis. He managed to complete his SKM Level 3 in Mechatronic and successfully graduated in 2012. After graduation, he joined Toyota Malaysia as service technician with a salary of RM1,300.  He worked there for almost 2 ½ years and later moved to Honda Malaysia with a salary of RM2,000. He is a service technician there. He has been working hard doing overtime, taking a decent salary of almost RM3,000 every month. He owns a Honda Civic and a motorbike now. He also supports his family financially. His dream now is to secure a job in Honda Singapore and improve his living standard. __________________________________________________________

Surin joined MySkills:  2011

Graduated from MySkills:  2012

His current job:  Automotive Service Technician

Earning a decent income of RM2,000



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A divine initiative to assist underprivileged teens BY JERRY CHOONG (MALAYMAIL)

KUALA LUMPUR, March 4 — It pulls at the heartstrings to know that the meal you pay for will help  train underprivileged teens to face life’s long road ahead.

De’ Divine Cafe in Brickfields, which opened on Jan 14, offers such an experience.

It is the second social enterprise venture by non-govermental organisation MySkills Foundation. Its first venture was MyBakery in Klang in 2014.

MySkills foundation executive director S. Selvamalar said the encouragement of its supporters and donors made them open De’ Divine Cafe where it was felt the concept of a social enterprise would be more widely understood.

“MyBakery specialises in pastries, cakes and wholemeal loaves. There are two chefs who have volunteered to train the students on a weekly basis,” she said.

“Although we did all right by supplying loaves to old folks’ homes in Klang, the bakery faced stiff competition from other eateries. Besides, in its less-strategic location it did not bring in as many customers as we had hoped.

“By including the teens who were with MyBakery, De’ Divine has trained or employed 40 girls, equipping them with pastry-making skills, and now also in culinary arts.

“The chefs who trained them in Klang also volunteered to do so here. All profits generated go to support the students.”

Selvamalar said the foundation was set up in 2009 when social activists and good Samaritans decided to go the extra mile and help underprivileged teens.

“Actually, we started by trying to help school dropouts. We began promoting government vocational courses, assisting these young adults in the tedious application process,” she said.

“However, there were some who did not fulfil the requirements to enrol in the courses as they did not have a minimum pass in Bahasa Malaysia for their SPM. Many ended up becoming drug addicts and getting involved in criminal gangs. Caught in this dilemma and to stymie the slide before it was too late, MySkills was formed.”

The underprivileged teens typically come from society’s bottom 20 category families, whose parents are normally low-paid lorry drivers, cleaners, or undertake odd jobs. Some are also from single-parent families or have at least one parent in prison.

“Although the teens have completed primary education they are functionally illiterate, unable to recognise alphabets or speak simple English. At our Port Klang campus for boys, 70 per cent are between the ages of 13 and 15,” said Selvamalar.

As many of these teens are unsure as to where to go after dropping out or uninterested in finishing their secondary education, MySkills trains them in vocational skills.

For boys, the most popular skill is electrical wiring, followed by mechatronics. In recent years, plumbing and air-condition repairing courses have been introduced.

“The boys stay on campus for one to two years and only go back for a week or so during festive holidays or on a case-by-case basis, such as wanting to spend time with a parent recently released from prison.

“Towards the end of their stay, they will be sent for on-site training with our corporate partners or any good Samaritan willing to train them.”

Girls opt for secretarial skills if they are literate, with the less literate preferring baking and culinary courses. Six hundred students have graduated from MySkills, with 72 per cent gainfully employed in blue-collar or vocational professions. Another 130 students will graduate next month, 90 per cent of whom are boys.

Yet challenges remain, as Selvamalar has noticed a trend of younger male dropouts these past five years.

“Prior to this most of the boys we took in had usually finished Form Three but now they are as young as 13. I believe it is the lack of a father figure or good role models coupled with insecurity in themselves and a sense of loss, which usually leads to them to being involved in gangsterism,” she said.

“Still I am positive. About 30 per cent of MySkills alumni offer to volunteer and train the new batches. We even have one or two that work as hostel wardens now. It is an encouraging sign that 30 per cent of the boys graduating are determined to complete their SPM.”

The foundation’s efforts have not gone unnoticed, as the Economic Planning Unit under the Prime Minister’s Office allocated RM1.2 million for 100 students in 2015.

“They wanted to look into urban at-risk youth and we were among the organisations working in this field. We stretched the allocation as much as possible, since we did not get any government funding last year and had to rely solely on the public and our corporate partners,” Selvamalar said.

A delectable selection of cakes on display at MySkills Foundation’s De’ Divine Cafe, Brickfields. The cakes are made by the foundation’s pastry and baking course students, who are trained by two volunteer chefs on a weekly basis. — Picture by Mukhriz Hazim

Things look set to pick up as MySkills will soon be opening its Youth Transformation Centre hostel and campus in Kalumpang, Hulu Selangor, next year. It can accommodate up to 1,200 students and will include sporting facilities, workshops and training rooms.

Selvamalar said courses offered will focus on character re-engineering and values teaching while ensuring students who complete their vocational courses receive their certificates.

“When you are down and out, the only thing you have left is your self-dignity. At least by going through MySkills, I hope it can increase the self-esteem of these children and lead them on the path to becoming productive members of society,” she said.

See more at:


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Being free, being creative, having a go, and working together, all while having fun.

Another life changing impact is what students at MySkills Foundation experience through the weekly “Saturday Night Fever” (SNF) opportunity. The week, from Monday to Friday sees them engage in different types of settings, with different objectives, from learning technical skills to learning to be quiet through meditation.

It is a much looked forward to event, not only the students but also all who believe and support these boys. For the boys, it is an occasional to expend their energies, show case their multi faceted talents, be themselves. Outwardly it may look like pure entertainment. However, looking at what goes on and understanding the background of the boys, it is beyond simple entertainment.

At work, through the SNF programme, are the principles and philosophies of MySkills, Transformation Beyond Skills. Much coordination is needed to put a dance, skit or a song rendition even; and prior to that, brainstorming of ideas. All these involve team work, ability to listen to one another, to trust, to believe in oneself, in one’s friends, to innovate, among others. Other skills like emotional skills and social skills also come into play. One learns to be patient, to practice, to give another person a chance, build confidence and simply enjoy the whole process. These humble beginnings have taken MySkills to greater heights, through the Astro Orangga Nadagam Programme.

But the greater achievement is what transformation each student undergoes as a result of these weekly opportunities. The memories of the audience enjoying is surely something that goes beyond the performance.

One has to come and experience the rich talent and the variety too, enjoy and check these great treasures.



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