Dear Donors and Supporters,
It has become a habit for most Malaysians to lookout for the covid figures almost every day; at times every hour.
We believe there are more positive ways to look at life.
At Myskills we house 150 students, many have no home to return to, some of the parents do not want them to return home fearing they may turn to old habits
and the rest feel it is safer being in the Campus.
Two of such students are Dhanesan and Syafiq. Both are currently undergoing training as ‘chefs’ specialising in local dishes at Murugan Idli Shop in Rawang.
Dhanesan from Port Dickson, aged 16 dropped out at 14 and joined Myskills 18 months ago. He gave up schooling due to poor interest in academic and was vulnerable to negative peer influence. Dhanesan began to like culinary skills after joining MySkills and was interested to become a Chef; and he was guided with culinary training opportunities.
Syafiq, 16 yrs old from Ipoh joined Myskills 20 months ago. He left school at 14 because of poor literacy and joined MySkills to explore skills opportunities. Both his parents were separated and he was raised by his relatives since young.
We may not be able to prepare boys like Dhanesan and Syafiq for IR4.0 (Industrial Revolution 4.0) but
we know that they can make better roti canai and chicken curry, which a Robot of IR4.0 may never be able to do at least in years to come.
They are very good at roti canai making now! To celebrate this, they were determined to make 400 roti canais and chicken curry for their friends at Myskills campus as a sign of gratitude and giving. (See video attached)
We believe while we are journeying through pandemic, we should find stories of hope to brighten our days.
Like you, we too hope the pandemic will end soon. Thanks
Thank you for believing in us.
In Gratitude
Myskills Foundation