A majority of the current 13 – 19 year old teens face the risk of developing delinquent behaviour and are exposed to juvenile crime given their poor socio-economic environment. In addition they also have learning disabilities. These teens form the ‘at risk youth’ population which is detrimental to the individual as well as for nation building.

For the past 7 years, Myskills Foundation has been working closely with these high risk youth and is dedicated to guide their character transformation. MySkills engages with these youth who relocate from their current environment and cultivate a new value system throughout the journey of individual character transformation for a minimum of 2 years to a maximum of 4 years.

4 major pillars which cover holistic skills training emphasise emotional, social, life management and vocational skills contributing to balanced human development. Besides holistic skills training , MySkills also provides food, accommodation, and transportation FREE OF CHARGE for these underprivileged children **(PROGRAM WHOLLY SPONSORED BY SEDIC)*.

Being a parent, family member, relative, friend , community member, educator, or concerned individual , YOU could be the Change for the Future of these youth by identifying and helping them to be transformed.

Drop by to visit us 18th March at Vivegananda Ashram for an Open Day briefing to get more information on how to enrol the ‘at risk youth’ in Myskills.

Date : 18th March 2018
Time : 10am – 5pm
Venue : Vivekananda Ashram,

For further details, please reach us at 03-26916363 / 012-3465212 (Mr Deva) / ‭017-4866847‬ (Ms Sugunia)/ ‭010-2732981‬ (Ms Sivapreeyah).