MySkills has been engaging with an NGO bringing a programme called P.E.A.C.E. as part of an additional means of transformation, particularly through the management of emotions.  The Performance Empowerment Attributes Programme towards Collective Excellence is a “transformative programme towards self-mastery, to change and re-engineer oneself towards successful life endeavours”. The programme is spread over 1 year beginning with a weekend and with follow up sessions monthly for one cycle. For the current cycle, the PEACE camp was conducted on the 4th and 5th of February. A total of 64 students, from the Port Klang Centre accompanied by a staff Ms. Karisma immersed themselves in the programme.

The students, ranging from 13 years to 15 years, focused on the emotions they faced through a series of games requiring team work, reflective questions and drama. Jiven Raj, 17, shared that one aspect that he found usual was the session of anger management. Arvin, also 17 said he enjoyed the interaction with friends, learning to face and solve problems individually instead of always running to someone else. He explained that “small” problems like someone using foul language could be resolved by choosing to ignore and not react by fighting. He said that one could also report such occurrences to a staff member.

Truancy was a very common habit among many of his friends before setting foot in MySkills, said Kamaraj, 16. The PEACE programme makes participants reflect on such tendencies. He explained about the drama session that the students were asked to prepare. His group chose a futsal session to depict some problems usually encountered and how they resolved the issues without resorting to fighting.

For the 64 students who have started their journey in MySkills and are committed to transformimg themselves, the PEACE programme gives a hand as do the many staff members, volunteers, directors, donors and all supporters.

Discover what this programme is like and its impact through the link:

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