“Grandma, I want to come again” said  Divesh to his grandmother after watching Ramayana and Mahabrata on Wheels at the Temple of Fine Arts on Wednesday 22nd August that he wants to watch it again. He is only 3, and his grandma wants to promote Miracle on Wheels to her whole group of friends!

Such is the power of this dynamic and unsual, “never before” show. Awe struck members of the audience had only positive words, some were lost for words. “Amazing”, “beautiful” “Incredible”, “extraordinary” were among the adjectives that were often heard. This is the first time ever the Tamil translated Bhagavad Gita and Ramayana was performed on the stage by the Miracle on Wheels together with Myskills students.

For the artists, it has been a very rewarding experience. Seeing the delight, hearing the applaud ( but not all can hear), seeing that appreciation just lights that fire in their hearts.

Dr Sanmugasiva, in addressing the guests emphasized background on how MySkills students were being enrolled, many of whom are from dysfunctional families have grown in confidence. The opportunities that are present for them ensure a path of transformation. In tonight’s show, the audience was able to witness that confidence when a group of MySkills students were part of the performance of the Ramayana which had been a big surprise.

Mr. Pasupathi was more on gratitude, the gratitude for the contribution of many good souls. And for sure, MySkills will continue to have more donors and volunteers as many have offered to be a part of our mission.

We are geared up for the next remaining shows with the hope of great support from the community. Catch us at your nearby locations !


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