Our special thanks to Barista Guild Asia Sdn Bhd for giving a golden opportunity to one of our students, Dev (left school at 16) to undergo a barista training without any charges!

Also thanks to Ms Joyce, who pushed for Dev to attend this training. I still remember what she said to us in January when we launched our De Divine Cafe:
“I believe in Dev. He should attend barista training and I’m sure if he builds his passion on this; he will go places even international and earn up to RM5,000 as a professional barista”

Joyce is Chinese.
Dev is Indian.
Both are Malaysian.
Nothing wrong.

Joyce is a professional (M40).
Dev is a school dropout (B40).
M40 reaching out to B40.
Nothing wrong.

Joyce, thank you for doing this for Dev. He is so excited and empowered! You certainly inspire us all at Myskills!

Let’s do this together; for our needy youths.

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