The graduation event was organised by Rotarian Ms Ashvika Mahes, Rotary of Bandar Sunway Club for MySkills Foundation’s students who attended her class known as ‘The Power of Mind Science’ in 2016. The purpose of this graduation was to give out certificate of attendance to all students who attended the class which was held for six (6) months. Ten students from different organisations participated in this class.

Three students of MySkills Foundation namely Logeswary, Tina and Hema Malini attended the event and shared their experience before and after attending the class by talking in front of the audiences without fear and the changes they have encountered after attending the class. They have become very brave and able to express their feelings and have goals to achieve in their lives. MySkills Foundation will be working with Rotary Bandar Sunway Club to work with another ten (10) students in future.

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