“It’s not their victory, it’s our victory”, says MySkills chief

December 6th 2015

Parents are another part of the transformation episode in our approach to train our students towards the desired outcome. Considering that they live with us, these progresses must be reported to their respective parents in order to create an interactive relationship between the parents and us. We had our weekly Parents’ Day last Sunday in Primus Port Klang and the girls’ hostel in Kelana Jaya. 5 students’ parents were respectively called to attend this meeting. Our Director, Mr Pasupathi and CEO, Mr Devasharma met with the parents individually to discuss their child’s progress and possible steps to be taken further to better their transformation process. This is a step towards planning their career plans and also provides us with insight of their respective family environment to understand the challenges that they might face. Primarily, what we are trying to ensure is that there is a safe environment for these kids at both our end and their family so they never feel “unwanted” or “abandoned”.

Overall, the objective of this day was achieved as the parents were pleased with the outcome of our methods and keen to be more involved in fostering a sustainable relationship in the future.

The next Parents Day will be held this weekend , Sunday the 27th.