Beads are known to be one of earliest forms of trade between the human races. It is thought that is because of bead trading that humans developed language. On 17th January 2017, Ms Thila, a Maxis volunteer who was in charge of the Jewellery Class taught the students on how to make their own accessories.

Studies have shown that beading and jewellery making improve motor skills and memory. Each time you thread a new row of beads, you are engaging your eyes and hands at the same time, which improves your bilateral coordination. This will increase your ability to write, type and draw efficiently. In addition, the repetitive movements will assist your memorization skills. Besides that, beading can provide a sense of accomplishment in completing a project that offers freedom of self-expression and can contribute to improved self-esteem. Students were extra excited when they get to try something new by make their own accessories and showed off their handmade bracelets.

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