Our students watched Aramm movie which is a female empowering movie that showcases the struggle of a female politician in the midst of the male dominant political world and the doubtful citizen of her district. Besides that, the movie throws light on the harsh reality of India, where the poor people suffer from the lack of resources at the time of need. The movie begins with the citizens celebrating the rocket launch when in a village people are dealing with water crisis. This basically covers the first half of the movie.

The second half talks about the persistence of the district collector (Nayanthara) to save the small girl who was stuck in a long-winding well and was successful at doing so. This movie breaks all the stereotypes that have been stuck with female for a long time.

MySkills gave this opportunity to our students in order for them to realise the importance of having the humanity way of handling a situation. It relates their life and the community around them. Some were in tears watching the movie, looking at how a female figures which never gives up and pursue the best for the betterment of the community.

A sharing session held, students shared on how they themselves can help and assist each other when in need. It all start with a small step, where it can begin from them to make the change in each other and the community.