Dear Donors & Supporters

In the last 10 weeks, we have been inundated with so much of negative news to an extend the social fabrics that binds different races of our community appeared to be in danger.

Religion divides Us
Politics divides Us
Race divides us
Compassion Unites Us
Love Unites Us
Poverty Unites Us.

When we started MySkills,
We wanted to make sure it will
remain a place for 2nd opportunity and Sanctuary for the poor, marginalised teens from ALL races.

After 12 years, we now have Indian, Malay, Chinese and Orang Asli teens studying, eating , playing games and staying in same dormitory.

Its time to find small similarities amongst us that will Unite us as MALAYSIANS. So we decided to transcend traditon and culture.

We got our Chinese students to teach Dragon dance to our Indian and Orang Asli students and we asked our Indian culinary instructor and students to teach baking Moon cakes to Chinese and Malay students.

A small step towards creating One Malaysia.

We will be celebrating Merdeka Day with Zapin , Dragon dance, Urumi, Satay, Moon cakes and Sambar.

Join us next year for a joyful Malaysian celebration.

Happy Hari Kebangsaan
from all of us at MySkills Foundation.