3 years before we use conventional method farming to grow our fruits and vegetables. During that period we facing alot of pest problem which led us to use pesticide, herbicide to control it.
From year 2019, we have fully switched our farming from conventional to Organic to make the environment eco-friendly and to serve the students the nutritional food supplies.
In the beginning, we did faced persistent challenges especially to prevent pest and curing the infected plants.
However via Organic Farming, we learnt and experienced many new approaches to sustainable farming.
Since we are on organic farming, we make use of organic matters for making vermicompost, compost and other fertilizers to enrich our current soil.
For pest repellents, we also use organically made repellent which are neem solution, papaya leave solution, ginger chilli and garlic paste , fish amino acid and other varieties to maintain the health of the plants.
Now we organically grown all our fruits trees like papaya, banana, jackfruit, kedundung, lime, mango, coconut and passion fruit in our campus.
Vegetables like kangkung, spinach, sawi, cabbage, long beans, bottle gourd, snake gourd, ridge gourd, lady’s finger, brinjal, moringa and others organically grow with full of nutrients are also grown organically to serve the Campus residents everyday.
Let’s go Organic for Future Sustainability!