In chess, every move has a purpose. Life obviously cannot be lived with this much unceasing calculation, nor should we want to live it that way, but there are times when we must align our actions with a predetermined strategy, instead of bumbling through it. Chess is believed to have originated in India, sometime before the 7th century, being derived from the Indian game of Chaturanga. The first generally recognized World Chess Champion, Wilhelm Steinitz, claimed his title in 1886.

The chess tournament was held at Cheras organised by Mr Collin Madhevan.  Lee Fueh Cheong, a student from MySkills Foundation participated in the chess tournament. The objective of the chess tournament held was to develop analytical skills, pattern recognition, consequential thinking and to improve one’s creative problem solving skills.  Lee won 4th place in overall tournament and received a world ranking seeder after two weeks. Lee learnt that playing chess has taught him about life. It is important to stay calm in order to play chess as being frustrate brings him nowhere. According to Mr Kumaresan, he was very composed during the play. Mr Collin, Malaysian Grand Master chose Lee to train him further for the next chess master.

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