MySkills Foundation is proud to announce today on our renewed collaboration with global banking and financial service provider, J.P. Morgan. The collaboration between our two organisations is to further the workforce readiness initiative that also empowers at-risk youth in Malaysia with the relevant skillsets necessary for gainful employment. The event was graced with relevant stakeholders comprising of industrial partners, alumni, volunteers and donors of MySkills.

The first partnership between J.P. Morgan and MySkills Foundation was successful for the term 2018-2020, with the aim of impacting 300 underserved youth in a 24-month training program with the purpose of equipping them with electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning, life management and soft skills in order to smoothly transition them to higher paying jobs upon graduation.

With the new partnership goals in mind, the upcoming 24-month training program targets to benefit a total of 400 youths between the ages of 15 to 18 years of age undergoing enhanced residential-based holistic transformation and skills training with a focus on high income job placements upon graduation and the ability to pursue higher education opportunities.

The new training program touches on digital training approaches for STEM-related vocational courses, new vocational training streams such as corporate secretarial and caregiving, pilot programming aimed to assist selected youth to complete their SPM as well as new self-employment related skills and mindset training.

We, here at MySkills Foundation are inspired by J.P. Morgan’s philanthropy and look forward for another successful milestone in our journey of transformation.

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