December 11th 2015

Dear Friends and Donors of MySkills,

In 2013, when Astro/Vanakkam Malaysia organised their first Stage Drama Competition, our students participated and we came out as the 1st Runners-up.

100 over teams from universities, colleges and polytechnics (even Nanyang University Singapore) were our competitors.

In 2014, Myskills team competed against 100 over teams and we became the CHAMPION.In 2015 we took a break.

In 2016, this year (Grand Finals was on 4th June); we took part and our students competed against 90 odd teams from UNIVERSITIES, COLLEGES and POLYTECHNICS. OUR students became CHAMPION.

Why are we so proud of this achievement by our kids?
Our students come from the poorest segment of Malaysian Indian community.

Majority dropped out from school before reaching SPM.
Many are branded as Good for Nothing, trouble makers by their parents, teachers, AND even by our community. What we do in Myskills to create Champions?

WE GIVE THEM HOPE. WE RESTORE THEIR SELF DIGNITY (‘Suya Mariyathai’) We try to CONNECT to them. Most of all we treat them with respect and give them a 2nd CHANCE.

This victory is victory to all of us, because we believed them and you believed in us. Let’s INVEST on these poor marginalised students and create a CHAMPION out of them.
S. Pasupathi
MySkills Foundation.