1st of all we would like to wish all iron ladies in the world a Happy Women Day! In conjunction with this special day, one of Malaysia’s own iron lady, Legendary Makeup Artist Madam Sangeet Devi had shared a session on being independent as a woman with her own life being a single mother as an example. She shared her venture from why to how she started Sangeet Studio and the struggles she went through her life to be who she is today! With great energy and positive vibes shared with the kids, we have brought the energy together to celebrate Myskills very own student Shalini’s birthday! May she have a successful life ahead of her. With this please do keep in touch with MySkills Foundation & Sangeet Devi through our social media accounts just as a gesture of support. At the same time do post your wishes here in the comment box below to show she’s blessed with people around her. Join us in the Journey of Transformation- https://myskills.org.my/