On the 7th of February 2018, 40 students and two staff members of MySkills  at Shin-Etsu Polymer (M) Sdn.Bhd on an industrial visit.  This was our industrial visit to the company.  Upon arrival at 10 a.m., our students were greeted and seated in the conference room by Mr Safri, the HR Manager. He then gave a briefing about the company and the products manufactured by the company. He also explained about ‘On Job Training’ (OJT), its importance and exposure on working experience in the operation sector. He also explained in detail about the opportunities and benefits of working with the company.

The students were then split into two groups. One group visited the RC Department (Rubber & Contact) accompanied by Mr.Rama and the second group visited the OA Department (Office & Automation) accompanied by the writer. Our students got to see how the operational process takes place in the company. Interacting with the supervisor who explained about the process, the students asked really good questions.

Finally, at approximately 11.45 a.m., the visit came to an end. We were served lunch and also got to take a group photo before boarding the bus. As part of a follow up effort, the students will write about the operational process. This will help make them remember what they have learned from their visit, increase their knowledge of operational processes and the significance of these processes.

For Nigen, it was his first factory visit, as it was also for all his friends. If not for MySkills, such an exposure would not have been possible, he said. He reflected that the visit was very appropriate as having completed his Level 2 training and passed his exams, it has given him an insight into some of the processes involved.  Niven, one of students, pointed out that the practical exposure was a valuable experience. They were even able to engage in some hands-on learning through some recycled items like car locks and buttons added his friend Niven.

Overall, the visit was exciting and fascinating.  Some of those who visited are looking forward to registering with the company for employment upon completion of their L2 while others may want to do it after their L3 exams shared Nigen. We wish to thank Shin-Etsu Polymer and specifically Mr. Safri for giving us the opportunity of a meaningful visit.


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