MySkills celebrated its Achievement Day with HSBC Malaysia on last Friday, 2nd September 2022. 100 students were recognized for the achievement for the holistic transformation skills training with digital learning outcomes.
Throughout the last 5 years of committed partnership, HSBC Malaysia’s support had significantly impacted the evolution of MySkills Campus via the trainings provided for over 500 youth beneficiaries.
During the Achievement Day event, MySkills launched its one of a kind Mobile App to track individual youth daily transformation progress and upon graduation the Alumni’s employment progress together measuring the upward mobility data (increments, Job promotions, savings, asset requisition and etc).
Adding to the highlights of the event, more than 30 students were honored for their achievement of successful savings ranging from RM 1,000 upto RM 18,000. This savings scheme is critical to impact the upward mobility of B40 community to provide equal opportunities towards better quality life.
We are grateful to the HSBC Malaysia’s People-First leadership led by Y.Bhg Dato’ Omar Siddiq , CEO and Ms Devika Rajamanickam, Head of Corporate Sustainability for the trust and empowering support towards realizing all the impact celebrated during the Achievement Day event.
MySkills is committed to deliver the impact to greater extent with the assistance from all its stakeholders in pursuit of Better Malaysia.