This event was held on 12th November 2016 at HanKidz Academy, Kota Damansara.

1st Day of Youth Leadership Programme @ HanKidz.

HanKidz Academy is a place where the coaches coach students to become a leader and the coaches work very closely with parents to reinforce good characters & values instilled, as well as develop good learning & leadership culture at home. HanKidz coach people at the age of 5 – 80 years old. Raymond, Shalini, Tharani, J. Suria and Darshini are the students from MySkills Foundation who participated the 2-days Youth Leadership Programme and we introduced ourselves to Coach KC and Coach Mandeep who were in charge of coaching them. There were two other foundations joined besides us and they are from Daniel Foundation Centre and Sivananda Home.

Group photos were taken before starting the sessions. We went in a room and they introduced themselves. After our self-introduction, Coach KC split 12 students into 3 teams. Their first activity has begun by playing a “Werewolf Game” where they were split into 2 groups. There will be 2 werewolves, 1 witch, 2 cupid, 1 hunter and 6 villagers. The students are ordered to sit in a circle, with their eyes closed, and Coach KC distributed the card characters to the students. Then, Coach KC played the role as a Moderator told the screenplay while Coach Mandeep played the background music. The Moderator has the rights to change the story. The game has ended and there were discussion based on the werewolf game.

Their second activity has started and that is, The String Game. Each students were distributed a string and given an instruction by Coach KC on how to tie a simple knot. Game ended and the discussions were held on the basis on the game. The students learnt to pay attention into little things by doing things differently in order to reach their burning desire. In the second round, students were given a second chance to use their same finger to tie a simple knot but they cannot switch their fingers. Students were given 10 minutes break and their third activity begun. They played the Helium Tape. Students played a game named the Helium Tape where students were split into two groups. Students have to use their fingers in order to balance the tape by bringing it up and down. If the tape falls, they have to restart the game. On the first round, the students did not have a proper planning, no communication and often have the thought that it’s impossible to achieve until they felt like giving up. Again, students were given a second chance and both teams have successfully finished the game without having the tape to fall.  The game ended and Coach KC went for lunch with the students and came back to the centre and their fourth activity named, “KC Says” started. A command starting with “KC says” means that the players must obey that command. Commands without the beginning “KC says” means do not do this action. Anyone who breaks one of these two rules is eliminated from the remainder of the game. The game ended early and the fifth game named, “The Evolution Game” begun. The rules and regulations are that everyone starts at the lowest level (an egg) but if they win a game of rock, paper, scissors, they get to evolve to the next level. Out of each game, there is a winner who evolves up a level and the loser will be punished by dancing a “Chicken Dance” song.  Besides that, the sixth game named Scissors, Paper, and Stone in team begun. Coach Mandeep and Coach KC split the students into 4 teams. Each pair plays a best of three rounds of Rock, Paper, and Scissors. The losing player then stands behind the winning player and enthusiastically cheers for that player. This new team then finds another team to play a new round of Rock, Paper, and Scissors. Each time a team wins, it collects the other team’s players, and they line up behind the unbeaten leader. At the end, there will be two large teams, led by the unbeaten leader in front.  Students were given a five minutes break and the seventh activity named, “The Maze Game” begun. Students were split into two teams and students have to step on the boxes randomly. Marks will be deducted if the students are found to be stepping on the wrong box. Students get to learn on how to be a team player and students found to be working as a team and they keep track on what others do. They played their last activity named, “Farmer Hunting Game.” This game was designed to take advantages of other group. Coach KC split the students into 4 teams. Each team has three representatives for instance, The President, The President’s Wife, and the Secretary and has to name their country of their own. The objective of the game is to win for their country. Students were then given a piece of paper to write down about what they have learn based on the game. The Leadership Programme ended and students went back home respectively.   2nd Day of Youth Leadership Programme: It’s the second day of the Youth Leadership Programme with Coach Maxy and Coach Dory. Their first activity named, “The Stick in the Balloon.” The rule of the game is to make sure that the balloon does not pop while inserting a stick in it and write their names on it. Students who finished the game early get to help others out. The game has ended and the discussions were based on the game. Students learnt to overcome their fear by getting through it and doing things differently.  The second activity named, “The Little John’s Tower.” Students were split into two teams and get to build their own tower using recycled items. Students who built the tallest tower, gets more points. The second session ended and the students went to eat their lunch with the coaches. After their lunch hours, students get to share their learning experience, made new friends, get to know the definition of leadership and the qualities of being a leader. Besides that, students also shared their experience about achieving their goals and overcoming their fear by getting involved into public speaking. In the evening, students get to have a group photo session before the programme ends.

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