MySkills has been committed to community work as part of a social contribution as well as a transformative programme. As part of this on-going programme, groups of students from the Port Klang Centre have been making their way to institutions around the vicinity of Port Klang to lend a hand. These include institutions which provide shelter and care to the elderly, specially- abled children and orphanages.

On the 4th of February, 30 students carried out some needed electrical repair work, thus using their technical skills to a good cause at the Sai Annai Ilam at Sentosa, Klang. They also carried engaged with the children in games. Sharing another skill that they have learned and which they happily shared with the children was through painting and colouring.

Almost a week later, on the 10th, 45 students went to the Centre for children with special needs, i.e. Persatuan Penjagaan Kanak-kanak Cacat at Pandaram, near Bomba. Besides cheerly and efficiently cleaninf the drains and compound, the students engaged with the children in games. They also communicated with both children and adults in ways they could.

Another group of 41 students were with the elderly at Persatuan Warga Emas in Sentosa, Klang on the same day, i.e. 10th February. Listening to the sad stories of the ‘aunties’, was very touching for the students. It made them emphatise the elderly.

On 17th February, 30 students were back in Sai Annai Illam again. This time, they fixed a fan, did some general washing, cleaning up a small room. And then it was time for a round of football which both groups thoroughly enjoyed.

Engaging with children and the elderly and contributing actively leaves an impact on the students and the residents alike. For the students, they learn to be sensitive to others while fro the residents, they are happy to receive visitors who engage with them. For MySkills, this engagement has been consistent for a number of years.

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