Homelessness has become a silent epidemic in Malaysia. Today, more families find themselves without an adequate place to live or sustenance to sustain them. Nevertheless, Malaysia is still considered by many as the richest country in the world. This is not acceptable. On 27th November 2016, Mr Muthu, volunteer of MySkills together with Ms Munirah Abdul Hamid and Ms Tanya volunteer of Pertiwi Soup Kitchen organized a “Feed the Homeless Programme.” Students from MySkills Foundation participated in the programme namely Tharani, Teyaseri, Moganasundiri, Darshini, Krishnaveeni, Shalini, Thanaletchumi, and Loges accompanied by an intern, Ms Jhanaanii.

We are unable and unwilling to ignore the plight of the human condition. We pledge to take steps necessary to enrich the livelihood of Malaysia’s homeless by providing nutritious sustenance. Moreover, we shall respond to this emergent situation with due diligence, and in such a way that Malaysia’s homeless are treated with the utmost dignity and respect. We see many happy faces as we distributed food and drink to the homeless people. Besides distributing food, we also take the time to talk to our street clients so that we may learn more about them. By learning more about them, it helps us to understand how we can help more than by just giving out food. Lastly, we remain prayerful that our deeds are recognized for what they are a sincere attempt to make positive contributions to society. We thanked other volunteers for their helping hand. Towards the end, many of our students expressed their extreme joy because they got an opportunity. Many said they are delightful that they still have a place called home.

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