This event was held on 9th November 2016 at Dewan Serbaguna, Lanai Kijang, Bank Negara Malaysia.

The awards ceremony was held by AKPK… for Council awards programme of financial education the Commission “ SELFY ” with students from Taylor’s University Malaysia, MySkills Foundation and University Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM).

The arrival of the guest of honor, The Honourable Dato’ Mohd Hanif bin Sher Mohamed, Chairman of AKPK, The Honourable Datuk Fazlur Rahman, Board of Director of AKPK, The Honourable Datuk Seri Azman Ujang, Chairman of BERNAMA, Mr Azaddin Ngah Tasir, Chief Executive Officer of the Commission of AKPK, Dr. NuradliRidzwan Shah Mohd Dali, Director Islamic Finance and Wealth Management Institute of USIM, Mr. Pasupathi Sithamparam, Director of MySkills Foundation, Mr. Chua Hiang Kiat, Deputy Dean of Taylor’s University Business School and Ms. Selvamalar Selvaraju, Executive Director of MySkills Foundation. Then, a short briefing session led by Mr. Azaddin Ngah Tasir, Chief Executive Officer of AKPK.

For the opening ceremony, a briefing session was given by Ms. Nirmala, Founder of SELFY to educate youths aged between 18 to 25 on financial matters, stressing their social responsibilities as well as creating awareness among young adults by providing them hands-on experience. After that, there was a project presentation and sharing experience of Taylor’s University Malaysia, MySkills Foundation and Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM).

Representative student from MySkills Foundation, Suria Darshini of team Legends presented a topic of how to make a profit by doing D.I.Y. badge buttons. Her mission was to promote happiness by bringing families and friends closer, to help fund out programed in MySkills and donate their profits to Cheshire Home for old folks and for underprivileged people. She and her team faced lots of challenges such as shortage of time in order to make the badges on time. In order to sell the badges, she and her teammates had to reduce prices of the handmade badges does not have transportation and they had no other option but to walk under the scorching sun. Moreover, they had limited of choice in order to make badges but they didn’t buy due to poor quality and their costs are over the budget that has been given. They even had difficulties in communicating with people as some students do not know how to interact in English. Then, there were pictures of Suria and her teammate’s making their handmade badge buttons and selling them.

On the contrary, Loges of team All Is Well presented a topic of reusing recycling items by making bookmarks, coin boxes, and candles where they mix the candle wax in the stove, added some colorings to it, put in candle string to light it up and pour it in a small glass and leave it to set. Loges and her teammate’s mission were to help the handicapped children where they fed food and bought proper clothes for them. In addition, there were pictures and videos showed in the making of D.I.Y candles, coin boxes, and bookmarks. Then, a speech was given by Ms. Selvamalar, Executive Director of MySkills Foundation.

Next, the representative students from Taylor’s University Malaysia,  Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), representative students of SMARTTEENS from Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM).

A speech and prize giving ceremony was given by The Honorable Dato’ Mohd Hanif bin Sher Mohamed, Chairman of AKPK to all the representatives respectively. Lastly, we ended our event by having a group photo session and press conferences. Before leaving, we managed to steal some time by taking pictures and had our evening tea time and the council dispersed.


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