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Thank you for choosing to sponsor our student.


All contributions will be used to support the education and living expenses of a nominated youth in his/her transformation process into a capable and competent citizen. The support includes food& transport, skills training facilities, transformation activities and all necessities as required.


The nominated youth is able to be skillfully trained from admission until graduation. An improved learning experience using all the required materials and peripherals. The smooth and unhindered learning process ensures a higher chance of graduating effectively, with a higher aggregate and seeds the mind of the youth with the benefits of an elevated quality of life in society. This conclusively serves as a driving factor to experience a better quality of life upon being employed, which is a core focus of our transformation agenda.

Note: Sponsors will be provided with the details of the student they wish to sponsor.

Our youths are vulnerable and many go without support in their course of skills training. HELP SUPPORT A YOUTH – for RM 12,000 per year (RM 300 per month).

I wish to sponsor a student and be a part of a youth’s transformation. I want to intervene positively in society and be an agent of change!


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