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Transformation Concept

MySkills Foundation works hand-in-hand with PRIMUS Institute of Technology in transforming the underprivileged challenged students. All underprivileged and challenged students enrolled under PRIMUS Institute of Technology will go through a transformation programme facilitated by MySkills Foundation. The main 4 components that is incorporated in the transformation module are as above; Emotional Skills, Life Management Skills, Social Skills and Vocational Skills Training. Several activities and programmes are specifically designed to ensure all the above components are instilled in all students to help them transform. Below are some of the programmes and training sessions designed under the module :

Transformation Module


Character Re-Engineering Sessions
social transformation

Most of the students encountered by MySkills Foundation are school dropouts and expelled from school; and they are AGGRESSIVE. Even in a presumably simple and enjoyable event such as soccer, they tend to vent their anger and assault each other. We found that these students can unleash behavior which can be very violent when they are in the state of anger. This violent behavior leads to destruction. These students usually have poor coping skills and some of them may even have inherent personality problems. That is why they often end up with criminal behavior; and consequently they become dropouts or expelled from school. Some of these people try to cope with their negative character by self medicating themselves with drugs or alcohol and this in the long run often leads them to become drug or alcohol dependents making the situation worse. To help the students to rebuild their character, we conduct lots of Character Re-engineering sessions which include anger management classes, how to be emotionally stable and ways to handle crisis.

Life Management Skills

Group Counselling

MySkills Foundation holds strongly on the concept of “charity begins at home”. We are aware of the tough backgrounds that majority of our students come from and we believe that we need to establish our transformation as safe as possible. Apprehensive in the beginning, the strong wall they built against us and perhaps the world needs to be broken with skills and values that they carry forth for the rest of their lives. In time, these skills will become second nature to them and thus abandoning negativity in their lives. Under this skills, we incorporate lessons on salary management, balanced lifestyle and much more as one of the steps in their transformation.

Social Skills

Teambuilding Activities


We conduct team building activities to develop cooperation and teamwork within the students. Team building generate the ability of each student to work together in order to accomplish something. Effective teamwork can be seen when the students share a common goal. We found that they learned to respect each other, and be motivated to develop the strengths of each member to achieve. These can be clearly seen through the camp organized by us. The students develop their leadership qualities and interpersonal skills through the activities done such as public speaking, mount climbing, thinking skills and etc. Team building creates a sense of belonging among the students. Teambuilding is when the students learn that “Everyone is a winner”.

Vocational Skills

Site Visits To Companies That Are Related To Course Of Study

Although some might argue the need to conduct site visits for these students, but MySkills Foundation believe the benefits outweigh the drawbacks by a huge margin. By organizing the site visits, we found the students are able to get a ‘feel’ for how the companies function. They who have never stepped into companies; will somehow get the opportunity to walk through the work areas and as much as possible, observe the staff interacting and the way they function at the workplace. Getting them to know the ‘feel’ of the workplace allows them to put themselves in the shoes of the employees and be mentally prepared before joining to work.

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