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It has always been our dream to build a self contained transformation campus for at-risk youth of our community. Myskills acquired 34  acres of building land in Kalumpang, Hulu Selangor ( Kalumpang is 91 km from Kuala Lumpur and it is 50 minutes’ drive from Jalan Duta to Tanjong Malim Toll exit – PLUS highway and further 10′ minutes drive from Tanjong Malim toll exit). We bought the land together with 3 empty factory lots each located on an area of 23,000 sq.ft . The Kalumpang land and factory lots were bought on 26th September 2012 at a cost of RM 3.0 million from Danaharta. The current market price of the acquired land is estimated to exceed RM 7.0 million.


Kalumpang Campus (Phase 1)

Student Accommodation

We plan to build 96 units of medium cost apartments. Each unit measuring 1000 sq.ft will accommodate 10 students. The unit includes :

3 Rooms
2 Bathrooms
1 Living Room
We intend to adapt Concrewall Building System (CBS) which is cheaper than the conventional construction material and the completion duration is 20% shorter than the conventional method. In Kalumpang Phase 1, we plan to accommodate 1000 male students pursuing skills training programme in Electrical Wiring, Mechatronic, Welding, and Air Condition Maintenance and Repairing. The Legal and Corporate Secretarial and School of Culinary targetting female students will operate at Port Klang Campus.

Refurbishment & Reconstruction of Factory Lots

We intend to reconstruct the existing factory lots with Workshops and Training Centers. The modification will include:



The existing administrative building to be reconstructed and redesigned. It will be functioning to meet administrative, finance and academic purposes.

Cost Estimation

Ground Floor

Ground floor will consist basic amenities such as kitchen, dining hall, and leisure room.

1st floor to 4th Floor

Each floor with 12 units of student apartments each measuring 1000 sq.ft will be designed with aims to promote family environment and communal values. Each apartment will accommodate 10 students. Total estimated build up area for each floor is approximately 10,800 sq.ft and total build up area will be 54,000 sq.ft for one block. Construction cost is based on RM 97.00 per Sq. ft. Each block is estimated to cost RM 6.0 million. Total budget for construction of two blocks which can accommodate 1000 students will be RM 12 milllion.

Estimated Cost for Each Block


Estimated Cost for Two Blocks


1 unit Apartment accommodating 10 students (1,000 Sq. ft)


Floor Plan

Total cost of RM 2.5 million will be required to refurbish and convert existing factory lots measuring 23,000 sqft lot into an office and training workshops that has the capacity to train 500 students at one time.

Approximately RM 1.0 million is required to equip the Workshop & Training Centers, staff room and administration block.

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Cost outlined above is ONLY an estimation. The Building and Technical Team headed by Ir Krishnakumar Paramanandan (PRO JURUTEK SDN BHD) will provide the detailed costing upon request.



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