De’Divine Cafe


 Drink, Dine & Save Youth

A social enterprise owned by MySkills Foundation.

De’Divine Cafe located at 33-1-4 Scott Villa Condo at Brickfields about 200 metres from Tun Sambanthan Monorail station. It is opened from 10am to 10pm everyday.

The De’Divine Cafe is an initiative that has multiple objectives. While the immediate is to serve quality cakes, cookies, food and drinks, it is spirit behind the cafe that sets it apart. It is no ordinary cafe.

De’Divine Cafe was planned in November 2016 to be set up as training ground for MySkills trainees, a place to create awareness and support the pioneering work of the foundation besides being a place of hope and positivity.

Just stepping into cafe can make one stop, think, reflect, and absorb the message at the same time savour the food and drinks served.

Our Trainees are school drop out of school to pursue the path of hope and transformation offered by MySkills. They may not be the best students in class, given their social economic status and life circumstances. It is an adherence to the philosophy of MySkills Foundation in Transforming Youth Beyond Skills that the students are guided, counselled, developed that passion is born and cultivated. It is this passion to make good of an opportunity and to do their best that everyone involved in the process are sweetly surprised by their attitude and abilities.

Every Part of the process from preparation to serving to payment, i.e.simply all operations, are undertake by the trainees under supervision from staff and volunteers. Attention is given every details from cleanliness to stock keeping. There are experienced chefs avail their time as volunteers to train the trainees as part of quality assurance.

The spirit of service which has been imbued in them led them to also live out one of the themes ‘ Drink, Dine and Save Youth’. What a beautiful spirit . Share this good news of the cafe with your friends & family. Come light the lamps! Or Provide the power , in whatever form.

Visit us for some delicious goodness like non other !










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