Humble Beginning


In the last few years, we realized that the problem faced by underachievers and school dropouts; or we term them as ‘At-Risk Youths’ is bigger than what we assumed it to be. It was found that nearly 7,000 students are dropping out from school every year before reaching SPM.

Our involvement with grass root based community work confirms that there was no concerted effort to investigate, analyze and find suitable solution for students who fail to achieve academically due to various reasons like poverty, broken homes, inadequate attention and care in school and many others. It was decided then unless we have an organization solely dedicated to take care of the needs of these youths, the future of these youths going to be bleak.


Myskills Foundation is a NOT FOR PROFIT organization sanctioned by the Ministry of Domestic Trade formed officially in 2011. As a ‘Yayasan’, it is registered as a company limited by guarantee with registration number

We exist to TRANSFORM the lives of At-Risk Youths who:
• Come from Dysfunctional Families
• Come from Unsuitable Family Living Environment
• Lack in Spiritual Values
• Live in Poverty
• Have Negative Peer Group Influence
• Face Unequal Education Opportunity

All our activities and programmes are geared towards transforming At-Risk Youths, equipping them with right skills and placing them with proper jobs so they can be gainfully employed.


We use a business model to achieve our social goals for public benefits by transforming youths at-risk in our community into a responsible citizen
100% of our profits are reinvested to sustain and further our mission
We use HOLISTIC training approach in skills training



MySkills Foundation was established on 3rd March 2011 to manage Primus Institute of Technology ; our centre to carry out transformational activities and promote skills training career amongst youth at-risk. Primus was initiated at Taman Tan Yew Lai on a three storey building and minimal facilities. We had 10 students initially and the numbers just gradually grew from there on.


As students numbers increased, MySkills Foundation embarked on a fund raising drive to raise funds to shift the institute to a more conducive and bigger premises. The Port Klang Stop (Hentian Pelabuhan Klang), a two storey stand alone building was identified.

Previously occupied by governmental offices, these space was then used as a drug den for addicts after the elections where new party took over the Klang Municipality Council. When we found what seemed to be the next chapter of Primus, it was in a deplorable state that immediate refurbishment and upgrading works needed to be carried out. This had cost almost RM600,000.00! Now, in a much more fitted state , Primus accommodates 500 over students, both boys and girls!

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