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J.P. Morgan and MySkills Foundation in partnership to prepare disadvantaged youth in Malaysia for careers in high-demand sectors

Kuala Lumpur, September 21, 2018 – Global banking and financial services provider J.P. Morgan and youth vocational training organization MySkills Foundation (MSF) today launched a demand-led workforce readiness initiative to empower at-risk youth in Malaysia to complete their education and obtain relevant skill sets for gainful employment.

J.P. Morgan is supporting MSF over 24 months to train 300 underserved youth between the ages of 14 and 18 to equip them with electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning, life management and soft skills that will allow them to transition into higher paying jobs upon graduation. MSF typically recruits young people who have dropped out of the mainstream education system, and who need holistic support to transform their career trajectories. With curriculum enhancements and greater emphasis on providing industry linkages and on-the-job training, MSF expects to see significant reductions in drop-out rates among its students and higher-paying jobs for its graduates.


The initiative not only supports youth who are in need of sustainable livelihoods, but also addresses the country’s challenges in hiring talent with technical and vocational education and training (TVET)-related skills. According to the government’s 11th Malaysia Plan, about 60 percent of the 1.5 million new jobs expected to be created in Malaysia between 2016 and 2020 will require TVET skills and there are concerns of a lack of talent with the right skill sets to meet demand.

“MySkills Foundation aims to increase our students’ exposure to work experience to help them better connect their schooling with their career prospects and as a result lower their dropout rates, which remains a key challenge. By providing pre-vocational training for students as young as 14, we hope to build up their confidence and nurture learning attitudes that result in stronger retention in our programs. Together with support from J.P. Morgan, we are confident this initiative will bring greater impact in terms of sustainable and successful careers for our graduates,” said Mr. Devasharma Gangadaran, Chief Executive Officer of MySkills Foundation.


The program, which commenced in July 2018, addresses the need for more industry involvement in vocational training as identified in J.P. Morgan’s ASEAN-5 New Skills at Work study. The research report was commissioned under J.P. Morgan’s five-year USD 250 million New Skills at Work commitment, which, since 2013, has helped to train over 300,000 beneficiaries in Asia Pacific alone, allowing underprivileged individuals, especially youth, access quality demand-driven jobs in high-growth sectors.

“We are committed to helping young people develop the skills they need to secure better-paying jobs in fast-growing sectors, especially as the country aims to attain high income status by 2020,” said Mr. Steve Clayton, Senior Country Officer for Malaysia at J.P. Morgan. “At J.P. Morgan, we believe that addressing the need for widely shared prosperity is essential and recognize that a quality job can go a long way in transforming lives and strengthening economies.”



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Sunway-Lancaster Summer Exchange Program @ Myskills Campus 2018

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For the past 3 years Myskills Foundation is being strongly supported by Sunway University via its collaboration for social enterprising and social impact visit for the young graduates. For the 4th time, we received students from Lancaster University hosted by Sunway partner to our campus in Kalumpang, Hulu Selangor.

A team of 20 students with their coordinator, Ms Sue Ann arrived excitedly today morning for their learning visit with Myskills. Welcomed warmly by the Director, CEO and staff of Myskills, the tour were initiated with introduction on the organisation and its humble beginnings.

Right after a short icebreaker, each two visiting students were assigned with one Myskills student to learn on Malaysian youth demographics and get to know more on their diversified culture. To our surprise, Myskills boys were communicating well and the room was full of healthy

Lucky enough , it was cloudy and not-so-hot day for the visitors to tour the campus. Variety of fruit trees , vegetable farming , clear river and clean air added more flavor to the eyes and the guests seemed to enjoy every steps around.

To make the presence memorable, we arranged for Bael (Holy Vilva) tree planting for the visitors. Adding to the tropical trees planted in the campus, these newly planted trees by the students will be another legacy by Sunway-Lancaster Partners which grows taller by years.

A hard work must be paid with a great reward and that was their buffet spread of vegetarian food. Credits to our talented team , Mr Naresh and his young chefs gave a finger licking experience for the visitors. Finger licking lunch cooked with passion in short we would say !

It was very soon enough to say goodbye and we had to bid farewell for the visitors to conclude the visit. Myskills Foundation strongly believes the guests return home with valuable learning and greater will for community engagement. We hope the journey in future is blessed to meet them again for greater purpose. All the best for Sunway-Lancaster students !



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Naan Kabali Alla

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Myskills Foundation, Astro Vaanavil and Cine Shatriya proudly presents NAAN KABALI ALLA , the 13 weeks serial which premieres this Sunday (9th September 2018) , 8pm on Astro Vaanavil 201.

We had the launch on 7th September 2018 at TPC, Bukit Kiara officiated by our executive Partner Astro and co-producer Cine Shatriya. The serial depicts thrilling experience by Malaysian flavor of crime inflicted target community and their life episodes. This is a great CSR project by Astro to advocate better Malaysia. It will definitely be a breath taking , adventurous 13 weeks journey!

For those impatient audiences, subscribe to Astro On Demand to unveil all 13 episodes!



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The inspiring news

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RKP-Miracle on Wheels-21

The Divine Voice

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“Grandma, I want to come again” said  Divesh to his grandmother after watching Ramayana and Mahabrata on Wheels at the Temple of Fine Arts on Wednesday 22nd August that he wants to watch it again. He is only 3, and his grandma wants to promote Miracle on Wheels to her whole group of friends!

Such is the power of this dynamic and unsual, “never before” show. Awe struck members of the audience had only positive words, some were lost for words. “Amazing”, “beautiful” “Incredible”, “extraordinary” were among the adjectives that were often heard. This is the first time ever the Tamil translated Bhagavad Gita and Ramayana was performed on the stage by the Miracle on Wheels together with Myskills students.

For the artists, it has been a very rewarding experience. Seeing the delight, hearing the applaud ( but not all can hear), seeing that appreciation just lights that fire in their hearts.

Dr Sanmugasiva, in addressing the guests emphasized background on how MySkills students were being enrolled, many of whom are from dysfunctional families have grown in confidence. The opportunities that are present for them ensure a path of transformation. In tonight’s show, the audience was able to witness that confidence when a group of MySkills students were part of the performance of the Ramayana which had been a big surprise.

Mr. Pasupathi was more on gratitude, the gratitude for the contribution of many good souls. And for sure, MySkills will continue to have more donors and volunteers as many have offered to be a part of our mission.

We are geared up for the next remaining shows with the hope of great support from the community. Catch us at your nearby locations !



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RKP-Miracle on Wheels-31

Miracle on Wheels – Pearl of Penang

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Dato Sri Dr. T.P Devaraj , 94, a name synonymous with hospice, was pleasantly surprised about two things from Miracle on Wheels- Penang show ; the amount of work done for the Indian community by Myskills and the unique Miracle on Wheels programme which was unusual and very well organised. He was also appreciative of the work of MySkills Foundation in transforming the lives of a sector of Malaysian youth at risk. He also discovered a Penang based NGO, Academic Force, similar to Myskills working with poor and deserving youths.

Dr. Devaraj stayed long long enough in spite of his age to appreciate the effort of the teams, both local and the Differently Abled artists.

We are touring for another 5 shows at below locations which need your support.

24th & 25th August
Bangunan JOTIC, JB

*Hulu Selangor*:
26th August
SJKC Khing Ming, Kuala Kubu Bharu

*Shah Alam*:
27th & 28th August:
Midlands Convention Centre, Shah Alam

Help us to spread the Miracle !



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Octogerian’s appreciation

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84 year old Madam Letchumi Rasiah of Ipoh sat through the entire two hours performance of UNSTOPPABLE.

Showing surprise at the start of the show, she forgot all her aches and pains. It was the first time Madam Letchumi was our for that amount of time. Such is the power of the differently abled artists in holding anyone’s attention for that night.

Give senior members in your families the opportunity to witness, appreciate and enjoy ‘Unstoppable : A Journey of Transformation’ and at the same helping us for a cause.

More miracle performances coming to your place :

Temple of Fine Arts, KL
21st & 22nd August 2018
(Tuesday & Wednesday)

Bangunan Jotic, Johor Bahru
24th & 25th August 2018
(Friday & Saturday)

SJKC Khing Ming, Kuala Kubu Bharu
26th August 2018

Midlands Convention Centre, Shah Alam
27th & 28th August 2018
(Monday & Tuesday)


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*Miracle on Wheels @ Kinta Indian Association Hall , 3rd Show by Myskills Foundation*

The show raised great support and below are the voices that encourage us for the upcoming shows :

Our director Mr Pasupathi with his opening note mentioned that,
One can be born poor but cannot continue being poor and die poor. Poverty is cruel. Therefore, the show by differently abled today is the best example that we have to learn from.

Our sponsor, Y. Bhg Datuk Arumugam Suppiah :
The programme is a great way to build self-confidence and the exposure was very inspiring for everyone who attended.

Miracle on Wheels director, Dr Pasha conducted the show with lots of encouragement . Ms Mahiraa the co-director of Miracle on Wheels also stated that “Because of everyone’s support we are here again”. The audience had given good comments about the show like, “The show was very touching; I watched without lifting my eyes”.

Pavithiran Sivaraman added that the show was above his expectations; the performers had performed very difficult maneuvers. On the other hand, Amutha Rasiah said that she has “never experienced anything like this; this is the best, I am very happy and feel like watching more, I felt goosebumps as I felt the spirit of God through Durga”.

Not forgetting our child audience, Dharany & Sukesh Sasitheran who said they felt very happy to be part of the show.

*We are heading to North for Sg Petani on 17th August & Penang on 19th August this week and spread this to people around you for a great cause ! *



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Miracle on Wheels is set to start on Fire

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Miracle on Wheels is set to organised by MySkills Foundation for the fund raising rhapsody with the “Unstoppable ”. The show was held on 9th August 2018 at Temple of Fine Arts in Brickfields.

With colourful theme performances, it was miraculous with the variety of themes such as Durga on Wheels , Ganesha on Wheels , Sufi on Wheels , Jai Ho and etc. Today was definitely beautiful as our talented performers were graceful.

This event would be dedicated to raise funds for our 34 acre campus for the Youth at-risk.

10th August show is not to be missed . Since there will be the best of Ramayana and Bhagavad Gita on Wheels which the air will crackle with their magic.

The more we will set the stage on fire tomorrow . Let’s come and set tomorrows shows and put on an excellent performance for amazing audiences


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