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*Miracle on Wheels @ Kinta Indian Association Hall , 3rd Show by Myskills Foundation*

The show raised great support and below are the voices that encourage us for the upcoming shows :

Our director Mr Pasupathi with his opening note mentioned that,
One can be born poor but cannot continue being poor and die poor. Poverty is cruel. Therefore, the show by differently abled today is the best example that we have to learn from.

Our sponsor, Y. Bhg Datuk Arumugam Suppiah :
The programme is a great way to build self-confidence and the exposure was very inspiring for everyone who attended.

Miracle on Wheels director, Dr Pasha conducted the show with lots of encouragement . Ms Mahiraa the co-director of Miracle on Wheels also stated that “Because of everyone’s support we are here again”. The audience had given good comments about the show like, “The show was very touching; I watched without lifting my eyes”.

Pavithiran Sivaraman added that the show was above his expectations; the performers had performed very difficult maneuvers. On the other hand, Amutha Rasiah said that she has “never experienced anything like this; this is the best, I am very happy and feel like watching more, I felt goosebumps as I felt the spirit of God through Durga”.

Not forgetting our child audience, Dharany & Sukesh Sasitheran who said they felt very happy to be part of the show.

*We are heading to North for Sg Petani on 17th August & Penang on 19th August this week and spread this to people around you for a great cause ! *



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Miracle on Wheels is set to start on Fire

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Miracle on Wheels is set to organised by MySkills Foundation for the fund raising rhapsody with the “Unstoppable ”. The show was held on 9th August 2018 at Temple of Fine Arts in Brickfields.

With colourful theme performances, it was miraculous with the variety of themes such as Durga on Wheels , Ganesha on Wheels , Sufi on Wheels , Jai Ho and etc. Today was definitely beautiful as our talented performers were graceful.

This event would be dedicated to raise funds for our 34 acre campus for the Youth at-risk.

10th August show is not to be missed . Since there will be the best of Ramayana and Bhagavad Gita on Wheels which the air will crackle with their magic.

The more we will set the stage on fire tomorrow . Let’s come and set tomorrows shows and put on an excellent performance for amazing audiences


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A Digital Exposure of drones and robots

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Thirty enthusiastic students from Primus College, MySkills, together with their coordinator, Mr. Rama, made their way to Cyberjaya’s MCMC starting from the 20th of March for a three day IT course. It was an opportunity of a life time for these students .This course called “MyMaker” is the effort of Digital Life Malaysia.

The course which was conducted by a team of dedicated and equally enthusiastic staff was a hit with the boys. Being excellent with their hands, they were able to fix drones in groups of four in under 20 minutes. These were small palm sized. They were shown the sample drone as a first step, and then taken through some input about fixing each. Next they were given a dismantled drone to fix.

Krishna Prasad, 16, joined MySkills only a month ago after his Form Three. He was thrilled about the drones. He said his group mates were able to fix the drone using Ellen keys after the explanation by the trainers and after reading the instructions. He realized how effective photography becomes with the use of a drone and also its many uses, like its role in movie making. They tested the drones once these were fixed. He also talked about being able to participate in competitions.

For his friend Shankar Raj 16, his exposure to drones was only through the television. So it was something new for him, and something certainly which would not have come his way if he was still in school. It was a sentiment shared by Krishna too. Another one of the participants, 14 year old Aaron who joined MySkills  a week prior to the course, expressed that he learned a lot. He said that the drone was “like a helicopter with four fans”. He could understand the explanation about the operations of a drone and the mechanics of fixing it.

All three students, including the rest of the group enjoyed immensely what they went through. They were excited too about the robotics programme. Like the drone experience, they were shown a small robot of about a foot in height. Again they were they challenged to put together the dismantled parts. They addressed this in their small groups of four based on a manual they were given. After physically fixing the robot, they then plugged the robot to the laptop and manipulated its movements.

Rama who was there to help with the coordination and language, said he saw talent in another area among the boys apart from what they were exposed to through Primus. Rama also observed that the boys were very fast with putting together the drones and robots, but took a little more time with theory. After some repeated explanation by the very caring team from My Maker, the students grasped the theory and could then put to practice.

Our boys had impressed Mr John Tay who is Head of Department of Digital Lifestyle and society that he has said he will invite whoever is interested in the group for an upcoming competition in April among other college students. The drones, robotics and 3 D printing experience have certainly made a difference. Aaron, who was initially afraid of what was before him in terms of the course when he was selected, says it is a great opportunity for him as well as his friends. They all express their gratitude to Mr  John Tay, Mr Kathir, Mr Azam & Mr Rama for their learning experience and for being very well looked after in the three days , including food. Mr Pathi and Mr Deva were present on the last day to explore the future collaborations with MCMC’S initiatives and then personally for the exposure given.


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vangge polam (1)

*Vaanga Palagalam 3 (FREE Skills Training & Character Transformation by MySkills Foundation)*

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A majority of the current 13 – 19 year old teens face the risk of developing delinquent behaviour and are exposed to juvenile crime given their poor socio-economic environment. In addition they also have learning disabilities. These teens form the ‘at risk youth’ population which is detrimental to the individual as well as for nation building.

For the past 7 years, Myskills Foundation has been working closely with these high risk youth and is dedicated to guide their character transformation. MySkills engages with these youth who relocate from their current environment and cultivate a new value system throughout the journey of individual character transformation for a minimum of 2 years to a maximum of 4 years.

4 major pillars which cover holistic skills training emphasise emotional, social, life management and vocational skills contributing to balanced human development. Besides holistic skills training , MySkills also provides food, accommodation, and transportation FREE OF CHARGE for these underprivileged children **(PROGRAM WHOLLY SPONSORED BY SEDIC)*.

Being a parent, family member, relative, friend , community member, educator, or concerned individual , YOU could be the Change for the Future of these youth by identifying and helping them to be transformed.

Drop by to visit us 18th March at Vivegananda Ashram for an Open Day briefing to get more information on how to enrol the ‘at risk youth’ in Myskills.

Date : 18th March 2018
Time : 10am – 5pm
Venue : Vivekananda Ashram,

For further details, please reach us at 03-26916363 / 012-3465212 (Mr Deva) / ‭017-4866847‬ (Ms Sugunia)/ ‭010-2732981‬ (Ms Sivapreeyah).


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